Maurice Lacroix: Watches Loved by Young Watch Aficionados

When you purchase a watch in merchandise, you pay more for the charges and tax than the watch itself. Not for the dial or the precious metal, but for the boasting rights and all the publicity that spurred you to this decision. Fortunately, as the industry is increasingly focusing on the gradual shift away from luxury and toward more readily available options in a much wider price range, this became an excellent moment for watch collectors.

Consequently, the competitive environment is heating up, and some really exciting inventions from brands like Maurice Lacroix, who are making luxury watches more accessible. Maurice Lacroix was founded in 1975, and the brand rapidly proved itself with a distinctive signature style, exceptional craftsmanship, and traditional precision combined with innovative designs. The brand’s watches are now sold in more than 60 countries and over 4000 retail outlets worldwide.

Maurice Lacroix Watch Collections

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For over 40 years, Maurice Lacroix has held a unique position in the international watch market for its modern setting and cutting-edge technology in the mid-range price range. Maurice Lacroix’s products are divided into three categories. The Masterpiece watch collection is a way for them to convey their individuality as a watchmaker by showcasing their watchmaking competence, innovations, and creativity.

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The Maurice Lacroix Aikon, on the other hand, was released in both quartz and an automatic version, which has become the brand’s signature. Aikon is the heir to the Calypso line, which was a chart-topper in the 1990s, according to the company. Lastly, the Eliros quartz collection, which was recently launched, is an entry-level quartz collection aimed at a younger audience. Fashion, interesting straps, colors, design, and display are all echoed in this catalog. Eliros, Fiaba, Les Classiques, Masterpiece, Pontos, and Aikon are the six collections currently under the umbrella of the brand.

  1. Eliros

The first time Eliros was featured was in 1996. Even though it is simple in construction, this collection is pretty advanced, capturing the spirit of contemporary classic style. Eliros Dates is particularly popular due to its low price point and interchangeable straps and bracelets. Eliros Chronograph also radiates convenience, gracefulness, and quality by omitting ostentatious characteristics.

  1. Fiaba

Maurice Lacroix introduced the Fiaba line in 1995, which is distinguished by a delightful design made specifically for ladies. Fiaba is an Italian word that means “Fairy Tale,” so it was designed to attract females with its feminine aesthetic appeal, gentle look, and cutting-edge technology that would last as an iconic mark. The watch has an elongated dial with a slight curvature for comfort, but the real “wow factor” is the diamond-studded face, which is, of course, entertainment for the women.

  1. Les Classique

People enjoy gathering luxury timepieces because of timepieces like Lacroix Les Classique. The watch features a simple but breathtaking calendar day’s hand and moon phase aperture. It’s fascinating to see how much thought has gone into this elegant design, which includes the font of the printed calendar day, which happens to have been hand-picked from a great deal of flexibility. The mechanism is a self-winding caliber ML37 movement based on the ETA 2824-2 movement that outdoes at 28,800 VpH or 4Hz.

  1. Masterpiece

Masterpiece encapsulates Maurice Lacroix’s ideology of nostalgic traditional design. This collection is described by the company as a true amalgam of Maurice Lacroix’s competence, and rightfully so since it is likely one of the collections hidden away alongside the wallet-busting luxury watches. Because of the attributes, it’s more than just a retail-friendly, cost-effective timepiece.

The recent Masterpiece Gravity, for example, has a PVD’d steel case that is technically beautiful due to its bright colors; however, the caliber ML230 is the star of this wristwatch. It’s a bit of an ask for a wristwatch at around $1100, but it’s certainly a treat for luxury watch connoisseurs.

  1. Pontos

Pantos is recognized for its technical aspects, physical beauty, and a personalized blazer made of water-resistant Schoeller softshell in the luxury dive watch classification. The watch is 41 mm in diameter and has a bulky case to facilitate waterproofing. With its 43-mm case, which is the ideal sports watch size, this watch can be described as an equilibrium of eloquence and sport.

The ongoing timing ring provides the watch the look of a high-end timepiece without being too bulky on the wrist. The crown guard is discreetly integrated, as are the luminous hands and hour markers in the center ring, indicating that Pontos has a decent dimension and texture in the dial, which is uncommon at this price range. This watch combines classic Maurice Lacroix attributes with innovative amenities that appeal to a younger demographic.

  1. Aikon

The Calypso timepieces of the 1990s, which eventually went out of production in the early 2000s, were the inspiration for the Aikon line. The modern Aikon Automatic is certainly more characterized than the previous version, and it may appear to some as a wristwatch comparable to the higher-end Royal Oak but at a 20-fold lower price! With a black and blue dial and an automatic wrist, Aikon has a sharper image with water-resistant properties and a stainless steel strap. It’s a great deal for anyone who needs to come to their best.

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Maurice Lacroix is known for producing high-quality watches at a reasonable price. They are recognized as one of the professional watch assemblers because they began with sourcing agents for several other brands and a watch assembly factory. The brand was meant to rise through the ranks of Swiss luxury brands, but it is still remembered for its original goal of making luxury watches accessible to the general public.

Maurice Lacroix has only been in the business for 40 years, so they still have a long way to go in terms of building a fan base. Serious watch buyers are unlikely to notice the brand because of its association with cheap quartz watch manufacturers. Despite this, Maurice Lacroix is particularly proud of his brand’s attraction to a young audience and its ability to combine new and old designs.

Value proposition, workmanship, and vintage proportions are combined with advanced technologies and elegance, which are two of the most desired characteristics among the younger generation. Even if Maurice Lacroix had previously been progressive in terms of design, the brand saw a transition from a more mature to a younger age section with the emergence of Aikon Quartz and automatic movements.

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