Most common Reasons people get divorce and how to beat the statistics

A divorce clearly indicates that a couple no longer wants to stay married. However, the process of ending the marriage does not have to be confrontational and unpleasant. Basically, divorce is a negotiation process, where both parties give in and win. Conflict-free divorce is possible, and doing your best to achieve it is a win-win. And if there are children involved, it is in your best interest to maintain a friendly demeanor.

Some people are surprised to learn that it is possible to get a divorce in the United States with a joint petition for divorce. This simply tells the court that you want an uncontested (no legal battle) divorce, because both spouses agree and have no disagreeing issues related to the divorce. In a joint divorce petition, the spouses, either with the help of their attorneys or on their own, work out the terms of their divorce, and they are only seeking for their petition and legally end their marriage.

By filing a joint petition, the spouses must achieve a mutually acceptable and fair divorce agreement. In addition, spouses refrain from testifying against each other in divorce proceedings, and intimate details of their relationship are kept private. This strategy will help you maintain a conflict-free divorce.

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Request help from a mediator

If a couple cannot agree on the terms of a joint petition for divorce, but still wants to avoid conflict and contentious divorce, then they can seek the help of a mediator. This person can assist you in negotiating the terms of the divorce without going to a formal trial. Couples participating in a mediation process may also be represented by an attorney. This step allows them to ensure that all of your rights are respected before authorizing a mediated settlement. If you are a husband who wants to reconcile everything, sending love messages for her is a good first step.

Examine your prenuptial agreement

If you and your spouse made a prenuptial agreement before you got married, then you should take into account what was agreed upon there. Prenuptial agreements are not only executed to protect the property of one or both spouses, but also to facilitate divorce. Prenuptial agreements almost always avoid problems during divorce, saving couples time and money. However, for a prenuptial agreement to have that effect, it must be made in good faith and be fair to both spouses. If there is a dispute over the prenuptial agreement, the divorce process can be even more contentious.

But what are the reasons for divorce?

According to statistics, it is said that 20% of marriages end in the first years of cohabitation. After the first 10 years, the percentage decreases remarkably.

The most frequent reasons for divorce or separation are the following:

Infidelity and Jealousy

Jealousy and infidelity are two concepts that are linked. There are two types of jealousy, the so-called normal jealousy and the so-called pathological jealousy. There is talk of normal jealousy when one part of the couple shows some interest in another person, generating a certain degree of manageable concern for the other party. Pathological jealousy is that unjustified jealousy, where the couple is persecuted and harassed, preventing them from leading a peaceful life, beginning to lose interest in the couple. In the case of a woman, infidelity is rarely presented as an isolated or insignificant event. Sooner or later he usually ends up falling in love with her lover leading to divorce.

In the case of the man, infidelity may not mean love, but for the woman it turns out to be an unforgivable betrayal and the marriage ends up dissolving. Fidelity is a gift that must be given to the loved one.


It is very important to look for projects, activities that can be enjoyed as a couple, as well as respecting moments of privacy in the couple. One should not suffocate the other, balance in the couple is essential.

A stable and happy relationship is difficult to achieve. With the passage of time the relationship wears out and it is not that love is lacking, one can simply end up having a boring relationship: day-to-day routine, fragile foundations in the couple, finding better opportunities and feeling that one deserves something better, boring sex, communication problems, lack of spontaneity, etc.

Weak Love

There are couples who never argue and remain silent so as not to hurt each other, creating an apparent harmony that increasingly widens the distances. This type of marriage ends up causing pain to the couple leading to divorce or separation. One should not be afraid of discussion, of showing differences; all this helps to get to know the couple much better and does not have to involve an unpleasant discussion.

Goodbye to Passion

Sometimes as passion arrives it leaves. It is advisable not to let yourself be physically, to look for moments of privacy and ways to surprise your partner, to be connected, among many other things. Commenting on what one likes helps to get to know each other more and more, to discover different levels of high compatibility that can only be achieved with the passage of time and total dedication.

The Intolerance

Accepting the other person does not mean tolerating, the focus should be on the good of the person and not on the bad. There are no people without flaws, so it is very important to choose well and not try to change the other person. The typical comment of “You’ll see, with me everything will be different”, usually ends badly. It is essential to be compromised “Today for you, tomorrow for me”


The lack of work, not having achieved dream goals, pending bills, etc., makes many of the couples think that if each one lives separate lives and starts over, everything will be different; but what really happens is that this behavior carries over to a future relationship. Putting yourself in the hands of a good specialist, and assuming responsibility can be a great help to get out of the hole. Sharing the problem as a couple can lead to fabulous growth for both of you.


As the years go by one becomes more manic, one sleeps in separate rooms, one’s daily habits become more and more annoying. It is very convenient to find and respect the limits of each one to overcome the situation.

A Bad Start

On many occasions the phase of falling in love is charming, one sees the other part of the couple as one would like it to be and not as it really is. The problem is that sooner or later one must face the harsh reality. When love really exists there are no guarantees for better or for worse, it’s like a lottery if you’re lucky you win.

Professional Competence

The ideal is to function as a true couple team and be clear about the personal project, leaving aside who of the two has the most important position, who earns a better salary or who has greater professional recognition.

Lack of Communication

Family responsibilities, daily life, children, etc., make it difficult to find the time to sit down and talk quietly and comment on situations of interest. Over time, the lack of communication makes a simple pain turn into a serious deep resentment impossible to cure.

It is very important to find balance in the couple, surely there are wonderful things that are worth preserving.

How to avoid Divorce and make your Life Happy:

 Show your love for her:

Only loving someone happily isn’t just enough, showing your love is also an important part of your wedded life. However, it’ll make them feel unwanted or monstrous if you stop showing how much you love your mate. Express your love with your words and conduct, it’ll surely do the magic. Every day, several times say the three magic words and make her feel how important you love her. Make sure she no way be in mistrustfulness she’s the one you love the most. 

Indulge With Her In A Great Discussion:

Everyone loves to indulge in a deep discussion with the person he or she loves. Thus, having a good discussion. With your mate make them fall in love with you again and again. It also gives you an occasion to make your relationship stronger. On this occasion wrote a love message for her. The stylish thing about it’s that there will be a lower chance to have any matter unsaid between both of you. So, if you’ll be open to your wife, also it’ll surely make her fall in love with you again. 

Make Her Feel Special:

Your wife is the most important person in your life, but you never tried to tell her how important she was to you. Sometimes, these small effects can make a big difference in any relationship. However, do not forget to make her feel special, if you love your wife and want her to love you too. So, try to make her feel special and keep her needs and requests at the top of your to-do list and always send her love messages. And always remember special days like his birthday, birthday, Valentine’s Day, etc. And he has devised a plan of miracles. For example, order amazing Valentine’s gifts and make her feel special.

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