Moving Office: How to Move Electrical Equipment Securely

Any office move brings with it complications and challenges. Whether you are a small team or a large company with multiple rooms, loads of employees and stock, you’ll have office computers and other electrical equipment that must be moved safely and securely. Finding the perfect moving and storage company for your needs is crucial, as not only do you need to ensure that everything is packed up correctly and quickly, but that all equipment is safe in transit and set-up quickly at the other end, ensuring minimal disruption for the business.

Hire a professional removal company

You could attempt to complete the office relocation on your own with your employees doing the bulk of the heavy lifting, but this would be folly. A professional removal company understands exactly what is required to get an office relocation job running smoothly and completed on time and to budget. Safety and security of your electrical items is the most important part of this process. Make sure that when researching different moving companies in your area that they have a reputation that matches what you expect from them. Use those companies who have performed office removal services in the past and know what it’s like to move a company and get them back up and running again as quickly as possible to minimise company downtime and to keep productivity moving.

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Plan carefully

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Planning is key to any successful office move. Set some realistic targets and goals and do so by talking to your chosen removal company. They can help put together an extensive checklist and schedule, ensuring that you know what to expect and what is expected from you in both offices. Assign a member of your team to coordinate the move, especially to take great care of all IT and electrical equipment as this is sensitive and vital to your business.

Plan the new space

Ensure you know exactly what to expect in the new office space. Plan out where every piece of electrical equipment will be going once it reaches the new space. For your servers and IT infrastructure this is paramount, as well as understanding where all electrical equipment will be unloaded. The fewer moves a computer has, the less likely it is to get damaged, so get the specific locations and new installations down in the original plans.

Take specific care with the servers

Your new site must be ready for your servers. Identify the area where they will be secure and where the environment is most suitable. The room must be well ventilated to stop servers from overheating and the office layout must be set-up so that every single connected device can communicate with the server effectively. Before moving, make a back-up of all data.

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Review your IT set-up

This is the perfect time to review your entire IT set-up and infrastructure. Your IT department will never have this time again to install a brand-new workplace set-up, so take the time to review everything you currently do and change those things that are needed in the new office. The planning phase is key to this process, allowing a large overview of what you can achieve in the new location.

Take great care in packing

A professional team might also offer a packing service, so it is worth checking this out. If not, or you want to do this part of the move as a company, always be as careful as possible when packing things away. Use as sturdy boxes as you can find, strong tape and other attachments, and be careful in dismantling those pieces of electrical equipment that require dismantling before they can be moved. Carefully label everything, so that when items are unloaded in the new office space they are quickly placed where they should be.

Test, test, test

As soon as you are in the new office and everything is unpacked, your IT team needs to be fast in testing that everything is up and running and working in good order. The less downtime you have the better, as any unforeseen faults or slow start-up can cost time and money to any business.

Always take great care when choosing a removal company to help you with your upcoming office move. It doesn’t matter whether you are moving your business within the same office block to a larger office space, or to another town with heavy transport required in between, your priorities should remain the same. Your business will have a fully functioning IT network and infrastructure, computers, phones, printers, and other electrical equipment that are vital to how the business runs. Ensuring they are safe and secure whilst in transit and set-up correctly at the new location helps to make the move as smooth as possible. A good removal company is part of this plan.

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