Old School Video Games To Revisit During Your Adulthood In 2022

No matter how much the Genz shouts like they invented video games!

Video games have been a part of our lives for quite some time now. But, yes, we are all grown up now, and the thought of playing video games might make us a subject of scrutiny.

But, who cares!

If you want to go back to the habit of playing video games again and just want something which will bring back memories, then you have reached the right place.

We have brought the ultimate list for you!

We have gathered all the millennials on social media platforms and asked about the games that they would like to play, and this is what they have answered.

Truth be told, we are all feeling a little nostalgic with this list as it is bringing back memories from our school days.

 So, without further meaningless banter and pouring our nostalgia, let us get directly to the list!

Get All The Games For Free!

Heartiest apology for the interruption; we all know you are waiting for the list but here is all you need to know about free games.

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Get downloading right now and bring back all the memories of the old days. Plus, relieve your current stress by taking a dip in nostalgia.

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Old School Online Games

These are some of the old school games which still manage to be the first thing we remember when we recall those memories. 

A good account of how much we have played them at that time!

1. Super Mario Kart

No nostalgic game list would be complete without our Mario!

If there is a list out there, then you should definitely click out of it because they are not the true millennials.

We had the time of our lives with Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool. This was like the old-school squad that we could always count on. Plus, being the best racer in the mushroom kingdom is a crown we all wanted.

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2. StreetsOfRage2

Nothing better than getting into the crime city and forgetting reality for a while. We loved the feeling of being the city vigilantes trying to save it from this mysterious Mr.X.

Plus, it was a delight to gather at the city corner to discuss and celebrate the defeat like a virtual friend group.

The OG online friends!

3. PaperBoy

When we did not have Pubg, this was our adventure!

The game where we literally used all our emotions to help paperboys deliver all the newspapers as our life depended on it.

It was all about vandalizing the non-subscribers, but let’s face it, we all loved it. But, no matter whatever happened, we couldn’t lose customers at any cost. Yes, it did not have big guns or war trunks, but it captured our hearts.

4. DayOfTheTentacle

That purple tentacle! As a kid, there was nothing that we hated more than that evil thing.

This little disembodied creature was taking over the entire world, and it was upon us and, of course, Hoagie and Laverne’s job to save the world.

That was some power handed to us, and that was a task every day after returning from school.

5. Street Fighter II Turbo

This was not just a game; this was an emotion that we could all relate to. It was always about beating the beat kid, and how while all poured, our inner hero was always worth waiting the entire school day. 

We all remember having a group where we taught them how to throw the best kick and punches and how we can forget the experience of losing half of the life bar the moment we unlocked Akuma.

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Get Gaming Now!

I am sure we were able to tweak your nostalgia meters with all these games. Now that you know you can download for free, what are you waiting for?

Get downloading now!

Because Mario, Mr. X, Axel & Blaze, Hoagie & Laverne are waiting for you, right where you left them.

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