OPD Treatment & Day Care Treatment: Know Similarities and Differences

Looking for a health insurance plan to take care of your financial expenses for your and your family’s health? Then, you need to take into account various factors to make your purchase worth it. A good health insurance policy offers coverage for various medical expenses like OPD treatment and Day Care treatment. Depending on the treatment a person needs, he or she is prescribed an OPD or a Day Care treatment. Most health insurers offer coverage for both these treatments. But what are these OPD and Day Care Treatments? Are there any similarities between them, and if not, how do they differ?

We will discuss all this and much more about OPD treatment and Day Care Treatment in this post. So, stay tuned and read the complete post. 

What is an OPD Treatment?

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OPD meaning Outpatient Department is a treatment offered to patients without getting them admitted to a hospital. OPD full form, as we mentioned, is Outpatient Department, which means the patient visits a particular doctor in the OPD and returns with a prescription. 

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What is a Day Care Treatment?

A Day Care treatment, as the name suggests means a treatment that requires at least a full day of treatment by staying at the hospital. Patients with severe diseases and health emergencies are required to get Day Care treatment. Naturally, since this type of treatment is for the whole 24 hours, the cost is higher compared to OPD treatment. 

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Are OPD and Day Care Treatment Similar?

So, are there any similarities between the OPD and Day Care treatments? Let us figure it out. 

  1. Offer Medical Relief: The major similarity between an OPD treatment and a Day Care treatment is that both tend to offer medical relief to a patient. Both are the first two options for any patient to seek medical relief for a majority of health issues. 
  2. Short-Term Medical Treatment: The second common thing between an OPD and a Day Care treatment is that both tend to offer short-term medical treatment to a patient without long hospital stays. OPD is a matter of a couple of hours, owing to the waiting for your turn to consult the doctor. Day Care is a matter of about 24 hours in a hospital to get medical treatment under the observation of the doctors. 

How is an OPD Treatment Different from Day Care Treatment?

Now that you have read about the similarities between an OPD and Day Care treatment, it is time to go for a one-to-one OPD vs. Day Care Treatment. Here are the points of differences between an OPD and Day Care treatment:

  1. Type of Procedures: The prime difference between an OPD and Day Care treatment is that the former omits the need for hospital admission, whereas the latter needs the patient to get admitted to a hospital for at least 24 hours. 
  2. Scope of Coverage: Second difference when doing OPD vs. Day Care treatment is that almost all insurers provide coverage for Day Care treatments up to a certain limit. Only a few insurance companies offer OPD coverage in their health plans. 
  3. Coverage Limit: There is a sub-limit that comes with an OPD coverage in a health plan, while this is not the case with a Day Care treatment. The coverage offered for Day Care treatment is up to the chosen sum insured amount as per policy.
  4. Waiting Period: The waiting period for OPD coverage is usually less than 90 days in many health plans. On the other hand, the waiting period for a Day Care treatment is 2 to 4 years in health plans for different types of diseases. 
  5. Claiming Procedure: To claim for an OPD treatment, a policyholder needs to submit an application form along with the necessary documents. The reimbursement can be expected within 2 to 3 weeks. To claim for the Day Care treatment, a policyholder needs to inform the insurance company before hospitalization. The claim can be expected within a week. 


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