Parcel locker solutions for online deliveries

Globally, the e-commerce industry hit a market value of $9.09 trillion and is estimated to show a phenomenal growth of 14.7 percent from 2020 to 2027. But, the pandemic caused a paradigm shift in the purchasing cycle for goods and services. The majority of people started using the internet to shop. This underlined the significance of incorporating a parcel locker.

Streamlining any procedure has become a raging trend in the market, resulting in automating parcel solutions by integrating smart lockers. You see, the number of online deliveries that take place has sky-rocketed, and the majority of the people who order online are under the multifamily and residential criteria.

No matter how organised the three-step shipment is, if the package is not delivered to the recipient, it can affect consumer satisfaction. To mitigate this problem, installing parcel lockers is ideal.

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Aligning them with the online deliveries adds value to all: the recipients, parcel manager and the brand that outsources the deliverable. Below is the insight into the positive impact.

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The package recipients can rest easy knowing their parcel is safe due to a meticulous operation. Since they are on the receiving end of the three steps, it is critical to render a reliable system. With the integration of smart parcel lockers, the parcel manager need not handle the delivery. The recipient can access the parcel lockers at any given time while their order sits safely within them.

Apartment staff

An average apartment staff wastes twenty-four hours a week simply handling a package. This proves to be counter-productive. Automating this step can redirect the wasted time to more crucial tasks.

Delivery Staff

A parcel locker system in a residency can lead to bulk delivery. Imagine having to circle the same block for separate orders multiple times. It is time-consuming, creates unnecessary CO2 emissions and is a dreary task. To add on, the chances of failed delivery become minimal, which keeps the reputation of the delivery facility.


A timely delivery means more happy clients. The parcel system serves as a promotional tool for brands generating more visibility. Smart lockers mitigate the chances of failed deliveries, resulting in a decrease in negative feedback from the customers.

Parcel locker solutions for online deliveries

A contactless solution

The parcel locker system provides a contactless solution while keeping the COVID restrictions in mind. The residents are not required to interact with anyone during the three-step procedure. Payments can be made via net banking, and virtual assistance is available throughout the process. During a pandemic, the primary solution for online shopping is rendering a contactless solution, integrating parcel lockers to assist in the same.

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Secure for recipients

Receiving a misplaced, damaged or mishandled package in the name of your online order is always disheartening. Parcel lockers are the ideal solution for eradicating all of these erroneous beliefs. The entire procedure is designed to keep mishaps at bay. The mail carrier and recipient are the only ones who have access to the locker’s barcode. This eliminates the need for someone else to pick up the package, let alone steal it.

Generates brand visibility

Getting a five-star rating is something all the brands aim for. Timely received packages are positively correlated to consumer satisfaction. Therefore, a breezy delivery is as important as rendering top-quality products. It adds to a delightful user experience. Integration of parcel lockers assists in achieving the same. 

Increases productivity

Parcel lockers increase productivity for everyone- the brand outsourcing the package to the recipient collecting it. No recipient will want to spend half their time waiting and tracking their order which is sitting dormant in an inefficient mailing procedure. Plus, property managers are left in charge of parcel management activities such as package security, resident inquiries, and signature validation instead of performing their tasks. Such actions are redundant and can be done away with by simply installing package lockers.

In the end

The spurt of the eCommerce industry will keep on rising exponentially, and people will continue to shop online. Parcel lockers are a seamless way of assisting in the same. The contactless, secure and reliable measure of storing packages has proven convenient on every front.

There was a 67 percent increase in package volume in the residential communities in the past two years. This made the majority of the housing co-operations install parcel lockers, which was taken positively by the residents.

Hence, it is important to note that the relation between the increasing online deliveries and the requirement of parcel locker solutions is direct.

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