Pressure Cooker vs Instant Pot – What is the Difference?

The latest kitchen gadget that’s catching the attention of amateur cooks and professionals can be described as an Instant Pot — an all-in-one, next-generation pressure cooker that has become one of the most popular kitchen appliances for small spaces in the world. Let’s discover the person who developed each device and how they’re utilized.

Sometimes, the mythology of a kitchen gadget could become a roaring wildfire that can ravage countertops across the nation for a long time.

Who invented the pressure cooker?

Denis Papin was a French-born British physicist credited for inventing the first piston and cylinder steam engine and the cooker for pressure. The invention was easy enough to be: it was a “closed vessel that has a tightly fitted lid that holds the steam until a significant pressure is produced, thereby raising the temperature of water significantly.” An emergency valve (which Papin also invented) ensured that leaks were not averted and prevented explosions.

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It displayed the first version of the pressure cooker commercially available in 1939 at the New York World’s Fair, and the first one for home use was available six years later in 1945. Pressure cookers function by keeping the boiling liquid and vapor inside a closed space while maintaining the temperature of the vessel. It speeds the cooking process for food items that usually take longer to prepare.

Who invented the Instant Pot?

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After being exiled from the startup he founded as an entrepreneur and doctor, Dr. Robert J. Wang teamed with two tech-savvy buddies in 2008 to streamline the procedure of pressure cooking. With over $300,000 in his funds, Dr. Wang and his team developed for 18 months an appliance that has the similar “set to forget” characteristics of the Crock-Pot. The first version that came with Instant Pot was released on Amazon in October 2010.

Since its launch in 2018, it is estimated that as of 2018, Instant Pot has made more than $400 million while it has inspired hundreds of cookbooks and hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook. What exactly is this amazing machine different from a traditional pressure cooker? And why did it achieve cult status across North America? To find the answer to all of these issues, it is necessary to look back nearly 400 years to 1679.

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What is the difference between the Pressure Cooker and the Instant Pot?

The main difference between a traditional pressure cooker and an Instant Pot is functionality, technology, and control. When pressure cookers of the past were frequently the cause of explosions creating mess and often injuries; However, the Instant Pot is designed with safety features that make it more secure to use. 

There are four generations of Instant Pot out in the world, each more sophisticated than the previous. With the incorporation of digital controls inside its design, the Instant Pot, users have an almost limitless quantity of control over their lunch, breakfast, or dinner. So, what exactly is being done with one of these fantastic gadgets? 

Anything. According to the product’s description, at the touch of one button, consumers can cook “ribs soups, soups, rice, beans, poultry desserts, yogurt, and much more” at a rate up to seven times quicker than the traditional method of cooking.

Although both are still in use frequently in the kitchen and at restaurants, There’s no doubt that the control you’ll receive from using an Instant Pot is superior to none, particularly with the newer versions, which come with Alexa integration as well WiFi connectivity. After you’ve read the directions, we suggest doing this. Creating anything from soup to yogurt is incredibly simple. 

For example, cooking pulled pork is just as easy as adding the meat and spices to the pot after pressing a button and waiting 40 minutes. If you contrast that with the 4-8 hours that it takes to cook in slow cookers, it is easy to understand the appeal of this gadget.

When it comes to deciding between the Instant Pot over one that uses pressure, It’s all about your preference.

“It’s an amazing gadget,” says chef and Redditor CricketPinata, who is also called Wesley S., who is the chief supervisor in Rosemary at Nashville, Tennessee, in an interview by email. “I used to own a rice cooker as well as a pressure cooker, but now I utilize an Instant Pot to plan everything.” The chef claims that Instant Pot does not just cut the amount of time needed to prepare food but also helps ensure no mess in his kitchen.

“I enjoy all the things it is able to accomplish, and the fact that the Instant Pot’s automated function lets me perform prep-work in the kitchen and set the food to cook by itself. It’s a great device that makes my life simpler,” says Wesley.

It is a device that always depends on your personal preferences. The user-friendly features that come with Instant Pot’s user-friendly features give it an air of friendliness and innovative technology that’s not easily matched by other kitchen appliances.

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