Reasons why mathematics is challenging to students

Mathematics is one of those subjects that a majority of the students dislike. It has always had the challenging tag on it. This might not be true for most kindergartners and middle school students, but high school and university students have had their fair share of difficulties with the subject, to the point where some have chosen to never study it again by switching to art subjects in the future. 

No matter how difficult it might be, an institute ERP considers mathematics a very important subject in the life of a student which they must compulsorily practice still they are thorough with the basic concepts. 

Students have often tried to overcome the challenges of practicing mathematics by having some extra private tutors, getting the help of their friends, or even relying on the software for school management for some extra classes from the school teachers. but do we know what truly causes these challenges? Discovering the reason behind why mathematics is often seen as difficult can lead to students overcoming these difficulties.

Method of learning

Every child has a unique way of learning to understand and practice a subject. Ideally, mathematics should be taught in such a way that it is easy to understand and remember. Lack of proper teaching and learning methods develops into a dislike of the subject.

Often, teachers themselves rely on complex teaching methods where students cannot relate to the topic by the end of the class and have to constantly keep going back to the recorded classes for understanding better. Initially, they get the concept right but only on pen and paper, its application and uses in real life is not as clear for students when the method of learning is wrong.

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Attitude towards the subject

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For centuries the concept that mathematics is a difficult subject has remained alive. It has become so prevalent in the present generation that students gave up before they even try, considering the subject too difficult for them to comprehend and understand. Sometimes all one needs to overcome the challenge is to have an open mind toward the subject and try their hardest to learn something from it.


A common enemy of growing teenagers, self-doubt has caused more harm to students than improper teaching and learning methods. Students should have confidence in how they study and practice mathematics.

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IQ level

Admittedly, some students have a low IQ and do not like mathematics because they cannot perform well in the subject. it might come off as a very sour reason why your child does not like the subject, but addressing this can help teachers and parents aid the child in every possible way since they need extra attention. Students who have a low IQ level should instead focus on those subjects which are interesting to them and which they perform better at and try to choose such career lines in the future which do not involve mathematics.

Attention span

Some students simply don’t have the attention span which allows them to focus on a mathematics equation. However, students who have a low attention span only for mathematics and not for other subjects in their curriculum simply have a dislike towards it and don’t find it interesting enough resulting in a lack of focus.

Teacher student ratio

Mathematics is a subject that requires personalized attention from teachers. every student has a unique set of problems why they cannot solve any equation. Similarly, they might have different silly mistakes which have to be addressed by the teacher. Hence, a single teacher should be assigned a given number of students that they are capable of handling at a time while maintaining the quality of education. When the student quantity is high in this student-teacher ratio, the amount of attention given to every child decreases and they might start facing difficulties in the subject.

Teaching quality

Sometimes the students don’t like the subject because the teacher teaches it in an extremely complex way. Although most institutions would not like to consider it, sometimes students do express their grievances about the teacher when the feedback is collected. Teachers should be not only well-versed with the concepts but also capable of making students understand how they can solve problems systematically.

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