Unveil The Exotic Beauty Of A Rough Cut Diamond

Looking for a diamond that is slightly out of the ordinary? If you are looking for a diamond-like this, then maybe an imperfect candid would be perfect. They are natural diamonds, rough and raw, providing a new kind of rugged beauty. This article will focus on the unique characteristics that define a rough cut diamond and why it may be an ideal choice for you!

What Is A Rough Cut Diamond?

A rough diamond is an uncut, unhewn gemstone. This is where a rough-cut diamond differs from your standard, traditional diamonds which are expertly cut and polished to perfection. All of them are individual and have their personality with different shapes, colors, and inclusions that make them unique.

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Why Go For A Rough Cut Diamond?

Why Go For A Rough-Cut Diamond

  • Distinct Appearance: Gems either cut by this process will never look the same. This is due to their raw, rough appearance compared to the smooth diamonds that we use. For a truly unique piece of jewelry, opt for one featuring a rough-cut diamond.
  • Rough-cut diamonds are also known as natural beauty: A rough diamond does not hide its true face (or soul) it shows its genuine purity of earth. For those who like a natural organic look, they are one of the best choices.
  • Eco-friendly: Jewellers who advocate the use of rough-cut diamonds will tell you that they are a more sustainable option, mostly due to them being less processed. Mining and cutting conventional diamonds can be resource-heavy, so choosing a raw-cut diamond may help reduce your impact on the environment.
  • Less expensive: Rough-cut diamonds (i.e., untreated) are often on sale more cheaply than those that have even been sharply manufactured Their straightforward processing usually gives them lower prices, which is very good news for every diamond enthusiast on a tight budget.

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How To Select A Rough Cut Diamond?

How To Select A Rough Cut Diamond

The following are the factors to keep in mind while choosing a rough cut diamond:

  • Size and Shape: Raw or rough diamonds similar to uncut natural diamonds are also in various sizes. You can choose based on your taste or depending on what type of jewelry you intend to make.
  • Color and Clarity: Rough-cut diamonds are available in a spectrum of colors and clarity. There will likely be some that look a bit more rustic and cloudy while others are clearer but you can see inclusions. Determine the style you want.
  • SETTING: The right setting of a rough cut diamond, or uncut gemstone can DRASTICALLY enhance its beauty. Think along the lines of settings that will enhance a diamond’s raw beauty, like rustic or vintage-inspired designs.

Taking Care Of Your Rough Diamond

A rough diamond is a little bit more maintenance compared to your usual, everyday diamond. Here are a few tips:

  • Cleaning: Clean your rough cut diamond with a soft brush and mild jewelry cleaner. Stay away from harmful chemicals that may cause injury to the stone.
  • Keep the Diamond: Always keep your diamond in a normal jewelry box or touch it from another hardened enclosure of a soft pouch so that no scratch will happen to diamonds.
  • Routine Maintenance: Periodically have a jeweler check your diamond to make sure it is secure in its setting and keep that beautiful expanse of sparkle from looking dull with time.


Rough-cut diamonds, also referred to as raw or rough state diamonds are an excellent and stunning option when compared to smooth regular facial-clean polished stones. With its natural beauty and sustainability, it’s a great option for those in search of something unique. So, whether it’s an engagement ring, a necklace, or a pair of earrings that you’re purchasing – rough cut diamonds can bring their unique style and panache to your collection. Celebrate the natural beauty of rough-cut diamonds; keep them in their rawest form.


What Is A Rough-Cut Diamond?

A rough cut diamond, or raw diamond for short (uncut diamonds are another name) is a diamond directly after being removed from the tools disrupting its mother rock. These are the natural fibers of nature in their original shape and texture.

What Are The Differences Between Rough-Cut Diamonds And Polished?

Rough-cut diamonds are unpolished and have a raw, rough look about them while polished ones undergo cutting and polishing to give it that shiny surface.

Are Rough-Cut Diamonds Cheaper Than Polished Ones?

Of course, rough-cut diamonds tend to be less expensive anyway since they are not processed in the same manner that polished diamonds are used for jewelry and settings.

Why Choose A Rough-Cut Diamond?

So when you buy a rough crystal diamond, three things are happening: You get this amazing one-of-a-kind natural gemstone Cutting down on the need for more work makes it environmentally friendlier It looks simply stunning!

How Should I Care For Rough-Cut Diamond Jewelry?

Maintaining rough-cut diamond jewelry is as simple as using mild jewelry cleaner with a soft wiping cloth, storing the piece in your personalized velvet pouch or precious stone jewel box to keep it from getting scratched, and having it checked periodically by a jeweler for worn facets around its girdle.