Stand One Step Ahead with PMP Certification

“Project Managers function as bandleaders who pull together their players, each a specialist with individual score and internal rhythm. Under the leader’s direction, they all respond to the same beat.”

  • L.R Sayles

PMP or Project Management Professional certification is offered by the Project Management Institute or (PMI) which is a non-profit professional educational institute and certification organization in the US. A PMP certification is a globally recognized professional certification that serves as an industry-accepted credential meant specifically for project managers. 

This certification is meant for professionals who wish to make their careers reach new heights. According to a recent Project Management Salary survey, the average salary for PMP holders in the US is a whopping 25% higher than the non-certified candidates. 

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Did you know that the number of PMP certification holders crossed the 1,000,000 mark in 2020? 

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Also, it is projected that there will be 2.2 million project management jobs vacant through 2027 across the world. 

The above data points reveal the reason for taking a PMP course getting certified. 

What is PMP?

The tagline of PMP says, ‘Supercharge your skills and Work smarter – earn the new PMP certification.’

The PMP certification is designed by project professionals for project managers. It demonstrates that you are among the best project managers and are highly skilled in-

    • People – focus on the soft skills you require to lead a team of project managers effectively in this changing environment.
  • Process – strengthen the technical aspects of managing projects successfully. 
  • Business Environment- pinpointing the relation between the project and organizational strategy.

A PMP certification demonstrates that you possess the project management skills that recruiters look for. 

Why are Project Managers in demand?

Projects, the successful ones, form the main pillars of any company. So, it is crucial to have a strategic and organized approach to the steps of project management that include initiating, planning, designing, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closure a project. 

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In any organization, a project manager is responsible for a successful project from its start to finish. A PMP certification makes sure that you are capable of applying best practices to the project activities according to the requirements of the project that include knowledge, skills, techniques, and tools. 

A PMP certification is not limited to one industry and can be applied across all the industries and geographical locations at the time of application. The PMP certification is widely recognized in various industries including IT, telecommunications, manufacturing, defense, utilities, banking, finance, and many other industries. 

When you get yourself prepared for the PMP certification exam, you need to enhance your knowledge base in the different phases of project management. As per PMBOK, you learn the language that is common to all project managers across the globe, thereby creating a user-friendly atmosphere. 

Top reasons for getting PMP Certified, the way of staying a step ahead

  • A PMP certification provides you an edge over non-certified peers

Today when industries have realized the importance and benefits of hiring project managers, the demand for trained, skilled, and certified project managers is at an all-time high. PMP certification has now been regarded as the gold standard in the IT industry. PMP certified professionals are believed to have an advanced set of skills, thereby keeping you ahead of non-certified peers.

  • PMP gives you a platform for global recognition

A PMP certification validates your skills and knowledge in project management globally and provides you with the freedom to work anywhere across the globe. There are already more than 1 million credential holders and the number continues to grow. 

  • Improves your earning potential

The most important reason for earning this certification is that it significantly improves your earning potential. The course of PMP is so designed that it enables professionals to gain expertise in management. Since it takes a lot of effort and dedication to prepare and pass the PMP certification exam, it validates that you can take the challenges in project management efficiently. 

A PMP credential holder is capable of earning INR 17 lakh annually, according to PayScale. 

  • PMP Training Improves Your Skills

With the training you go through for earning PMP certification, you are required to improve your knowledge and skills in managing all the aspects of a project from initiation to the successful closure of the project under time and budget constraints. 

You get to understand the important aspects of a project charter, including objectives, resources requirements like human, financial, material, etc., time and budget deadlines, and risks. 

This enhances your skills and makes you industry-ready for leading and managing projects. 

  • PMP Certification gives you the Opportunity of Continuous Learning

In the management world, you have to keep on learning as fast as the industrial world is changing. So, continuous learning serves as the key to success in project management. Leading different areas of projects broadens your expertise in different approaches, skills, and technology. 

  • PMP provides networking opportunities

PMI arranges frequent meetings for the PMI club members in major cities across the globe. Attending these meetings makes you earn PDUs (Professional Development Units) that are required to fulfill CCRs or Continuous Credential Requirements. 

Also, there are communities offline and online that allow PMPs to interact with each other. These communities help in building professional networks and also allow you to mentor aspiring PMPs. 

Apart from the reasons for getting PMP certified mentioned above, there are more benefits such as:

The PMP certification can improve your risk management skills, improve people-orientation and teamwork, refine your skills in problem-solving, upgrade your qualities in leadership, and also makes you more responsible. 


If you are willing to upgrade your career and get something that is recognized worldwide, go with PMP. Since the PMP certification is difficult to pass on the first attempt, it is strongly recommended that you take up an online training course.

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Taking up an online training course from an accredited institution has several benefits. Plus, you are rigorously trained as per the level of your knowledge, and exposure to real-life projects makes you go hands-on with best practices involved in project management. Job-seeking assistance is the best of these courses. 

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