The Advent Of Water ATM And How It Has Solved A Lot Of Problems In Rural Areas

Water is one of the most important elements that human beings require for their survival. Many people can also call it the liquid of life because without water; we couldn’t survive. However, pure water has become hard to find these days because various factors constantly contaminate many places. Especially, the prevalence of water scarcity in rural areas is an alarming situation. To combat such water scarcity, especially in Villages or rural areas, government officials have taken an innovative approach to installing a Water ATM in many places.

It’s not a myth, but many rural areas can’t acquire water for their daily chores. In fact, to elaborate the matter further, we can say that many people don’t even have a source of pure drinking water. We know that branded water can be difficult for many to afford. Therefore, we have ATMs for water or water ATMs to decrease such water deficiency in rural areas and other needy areas. These are being installed all over the country to provide safe and pure drinking water for a very minimum price. Naturally, we can say that this will be a huge boon to many villages and cities as they face constant water crises.

So, if you wish to know more about the Water ATM, you will get all sorts of information here. Go through this article to know how they function and how much impact it has gotten since their arrival. 

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Water ATM In A Nutshell

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As we said earlier, a lot of remote places like villages, faraway cities, and other similar places face regular water crises. People in those areas don’t even have a stable source of water and therefore face tremendous problems. To help them, the government has taken the initiative to introduce Water ATMs. These are decentralized water purification plants, and a lot of them also work on the RO process. So, these are nothing but water kiosks that are installed all over the country. We have seen the ATM in various remote parts of the country. So, it’s expected that this will solve the water crisis to a great extent.

How Does This Even Work?

So, do you want to know more about this ATM of water? The first thing you should know is that the Water ATMS can be powered by either solar energy or even through electrical energy. Generally, we have seen these machines being operated on smart technologies like GSM and Cloud Computing. For the purification process, the most favored way is reverse osmosis or RO water purifier for this water kiosk.

The reverse osmosis process is the opposite of osmosis. It filters all the harmful elements from the water with the help of other essential components such as prefilter, ultrafiltration, activated carbon filters, etc. So, now, no one will complain of dirty water for consumption as they will enjoy only fresh and pure water for daily chores.

On this note, it’s worth adding that you can acquire pure water from Water ATM after chilling or at normal temperature if you want. People who want to get water from the kiosk will require smart cards. They can also recharge their smart cards, and once it’s done, they can obtain the amount of water they wish to. As per the reports, an individual may obtain about 20 liters of pure water at one go.

Furthermore, there’s also news that there’s no limit to the number of transactions in a day, and therefore this Water ATM is user-friendly and easy to operate and manage.

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A Few Benefits Of These ATM Water Machines

From our above discussion, we can figure out that Water ATM has numerous benefits. First, it has reduced the problems villagers face about their daily water scarcity and made it possible to provide clean and pure water to all.

So, if you want to know a few benefits at a glance, then let’s explore them one by one.

  • As we said earlier, one of the chief benefits of these ATMs is that they can provide safe and pure water to everyone without any discrimination. So, therefore, it’s one of the greatest additions by the government to help the people in need of water
  • In rural areas, the ATM of water has become a useful source of water. People can now easily get water without having to cross a huge distance to get water. It’s worth noting that before the advent of these machines, a lot of people living in remote villages had to face constant problems regarding the availability of water. They had to go miles to acquire drinkable water. So, with these ATMs for water, that problem seems to have been solved to a considerable degree
  • People before these ATMs even had to stand in a long queue to wait for their chance to get water. However, getting water from a kiosk is a fast procedure. Moreover, you need to have a smart card to get water from here. So, everything is now organized, providing an ample amount of opportunities to people
  • Now, with these Water ATMs, citizens can be less dependent on packed drinking water. However, it’s true that packed drinking water used to cause a few financial problems to many. Therefore, the introduction of these machines will solve that problem


So, all in all, we can see that a water ATM proves to be a boon to many. It will help a lot of people in times of need. Especially in times of pandemic, it’s essential to get safe drinking water. So, a machine like this solves the water scarcity to a great margin. 

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