The best ways to transfer money internationally when buying a house

To send money online, international money transfer, Ria Money Transfer is an option to consider. Anyone who has purchased a house in a different country, or conducts business overseas, understands the importance of having a secure and reliable international money transfer service or app. 

When it’s time to start moving forward with an international project, be it buying a home or a business transaction, setting up a means of fund transfer is among the first steps. Ria Money Transfer app to send money online, app for international money transfers, app to send money internationally makes it easy. Of course, anyone sending large amounts of money internationally will likely need to follow an additional set of rules. These rules also apply to anyone buying a house overseas.

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What to remember when buying a house overseas

Purchasing a home overseas comes with its own set of instructions and guidelines. Americans may be surprised by the differences in the process, depending on what country they choose to buy in. It’s important to remember that the rules and the process may differ from what takes place when making a purchase in one’s home country. 

For example:

  • Taxes – prior to purchasing a home it is incumbent on the buyer to familiarize themselves with all relevant tax laws. Bear in mind that there may be a tax burden when both buying and selling a residence as a foreigner. And, the rules may differ depending on whether the structure will be purchased as an investment or as a residence.
  • Ownership stipulations and laws – there are a number of countries where foreigners are limited in what type and how much property they can own. Before getting one’s heart set on moving to a certain country, it makes sense to fully research and understand the nation’s property ownership requirements and restrictions.
  • Overseas financing – it can be difficult to receive financing for a home purchase in a foreign country. Buyer funds may have to come from their own holdings, such as an IRA, other retirement funds, or proceeds from selling their house.
  • Tax liability – it is possible to be taxed in both the country a person was born in and the country in which they reside. It makes sense to have a professional specialist investigate all matters, tax and financial, that can have an effect on the present and future.
  • Owning multiple homes to maintain residency status – there is more to living in a foreign country than just purchasing a residence. If dual citizenship is a priority, or even maintaining some type of residency in a home country, there are many regulations involved. It makes sense to turn to a trusted advisor who can assist with these matters both at home and abroad.
  • Language barriers – relocating to a country where a foreign language is spoken comes with many challenges. People may forget that not all professionals, such as realtors, bankers, and lawyers, speak fluent English. These people may speak passable English in social settings but may prefer to conduct business in their native tongue. In such instances, a translator is advisable.

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These discussion points are a good start to better understanding the ins and outs of buying property overseas. And, when it comes to transferring money to purchase said home, choosing the right platform is another important decision. Living overseas is becoming more popular as Americans look for locales that have a lower cost of living and more robust health care services. 

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Anyone considering a home purchase in another country should first sit down with a financial advisor for guidance.

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