The evolution of automation testing

The companies which are developing software in the modern times cannot compromise on speed. So as to remain competitive in a constant evolving environment they need to release software and the updates have to be fast and precise. It would be really difficult to achieve this without integrating automation into the testing and development process. A testing cycle requires automation in keeping up with the speed of development and software process. It is virtually impossible to undertake any form of manually testing. To keep pace with agile methodology automation test is the only way to go. This is going to cross check the software for any type of bugs.

There are some benefits of automation testing, and it is a key feature in all development ecosystems that tend to be part of the modern era.

Cost savings

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It is a well -known fact that automation could turn out to be costly during an initial phase. This is an area which most of the developers end up ignoring, as manual test is going to cost a lot in the long run. it may turn out to be contrary but automation testing turns out to be beneficial in the long run. A manual test is not in a position to undertake repetitive tests. Since the software expands a lot of features have to be added that would increase the pressure on the manual testers. With automation they need to be testing more as errors are likely to emerge since it is going to take time to complete the tests. A series of this measures tends to increase costs and degrades the quality of software.

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Timely feedback

It goes without saying that test automation undertaken with the aid of Cypress is going to accelerate the process of test execution. Machines are known to work faster and which would be better when it comes to the question of regression testing.

When the results are faster the team would obtain the feedback quickly. It is going to help them detect issues and improves the functionality aspect. Regular feedbacks are a routine task when it comes to an agile life cycle. The process of test automation ensures test results are undertaken quickly with the results emerging timely.

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Resource allocation in a better way

An automation testing is going to take care of mundane and repetitive tasks. They might spend the time on formulating new test cases, reviewing the results of the test or undertaking any type of tests that would be difficult to automate. It also means there is less amount of monotonous tasks to deal with as you may engage the testers in day to day tasks. A series of all these measures may lead to better quality of work.

Superior levels of accuracy are assured

Taking into consideration that manual testers are human, mistakes are bound to happen. No matter how meticulous they are a manual tester might not be able to provide you with 100% assured results. People miss steps, getting tired and end up committing numerous errors. With automation a strip is run every single time and records results in a manner by which it has been instructed to do so.

An increase in test coverage

Though there are numerous benefits of automated testing this one would stand out among the lot. More the number of tests it requires  features or adjustments when it comes to the cases. With test coverage it becomes easy to detect the various types of bugs that prevents the available cases from moving on the phase of production and leading to a low grade experience.

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