The Most Affordable Cities to Live in Canada

Major cities in Canada are notorious for being very expensive to live in. These high cost-of-living cities may make you think that you can’t afford to live in Canada at all, let alone near a major metro area. 

However, there are many affordable options for city-living in Canada. From Eastern Canada to Western Canada, there is an option for everyone when considering affordable cities that are in great locations and fun to live in. Consider the following cities on your search:  

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia and the largest Canadian city on the Atlantic coast. For a larger city in Canada, Nova Scotia is affordable, especially compared to other larger cities like Toronto. Housing prices, specifically, are on the lower end for larger cities and capital cities in Canada.

The economy in Halifax is also very robust with job opportunities in a wide variety of sectors. The job opportunities combined with the affordable housing costs make Nova Scotia a good option for an affordable larger city to live in. While not necessarily the “cheapest” city to live in, Halifax does offer all the perks of being a larger city and a center of economy and culture, with relatively affordable housing.

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Calgary, Alberta

Calgary is located in western Alberta and is known consistently as a liveable city. Like Halifax, Calgary is a larger city (though not a capital) that has affordable housing. If you are looking to move to an affordable area of Alberta, the affordability of housing in Calgary will be a bonus, as you can tell from these Calgary homes for sale.

In addition, Calgary has comparably higher salaries for the area, and it is a business-friendly city, making it a good place for a job search if you are considering a move. The city is also known for its quality of life, including quality healthcare and education. 

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Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba and like Halifax and Calgary, offers affordable housing options. Unlike the other cities, however, Winnipeg also has a lower cost of living in general. Salaries are high in Winnipeg, so combined with the lower cost of living, your money goes further here.

If you are hoping to move to Manitoba, Winnipeg is a solid choice. It actually has one of the most affordable housing markets in all of Canada, and if you are searching for a job, Winnipeg is known for the diversity of its economy, including manufacturing, technology, and agriculture.

While major Canadian cities are known to have high costs of living, there are certainly larger cities and capital cities that are on the affordable side, as you can see from the options above. If you are looking for a Canadian city to call home, but also want a lower cost of living compared to some other Canadian cities, consider Halifax, Calgary, and Winnipeg. From affordable housing to strong economies, these cities will offer the affordability that you are seeking.

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