Things To Do in Three Rivers Ca

Things To Do in Three Rivers Ca

Three Rivers is a little fun village located in Tulare County, California, US. Found at the foothills of Sierra Nevada at the border of the San Joaquin Valley, the village is close to the entrance of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. The town’s name is gotten from its location near the intersection of the Kaweah River’s South, North, and Middle Forks.

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Three Rivers is a lovely place, namely –


When the water level of the Kaweah River gets low in summer, swimming becomes one of the best activities to do in Three Rivers. A few lodgings available in town are located directly on the river with water and their beach access. However, if you do not have access to water in your lodging, you can visit Slick Rock Recreation Area.

Fishing, Kayaking, Boating and more

Lake Kaweah, found close to Three Rivers, is a primary spot for several water sports. It Is formed by a dam placed on the Kaweah River and located fifteen minutes away from town. There is a big marina to rent different types of boats from for people interesting in boating. Also, aqua cycles, kayaks, and paddleboards are available for rent.

Three Rivers Historical Museum

Perfect for you if you would love to do a little learning on your vacation. Visiting the local Historical Museum is the perfect place to know more historical gems or artefacts in Three Rivers.

Kaweah Post Office

This is another Time Travel location in Three Rivers. It is one of the oldest and smallest post offices in the country, built 130 years ago.

Three Rivers Ca Restaurants

  • Reimer’s Candies and Gifts: This is a small sweet and ice cream shop in Three Rivers, Ca.
  • Sierra Subs and Salads: provides fresh food made from scratch. They have quesadillas, sandwiches, hamburgers, salads, wraps, and many more. This is a perfect place to stop for a quick lunch or bite. They also have several vegetarian options, and their food is delicious and fresh.
  • Antoinette’s Coffee & Goodies: this is the perfect spot for coffee and breakfast before touring the parks.
  • Ok Buckaroo: offer boutique wine selection and award-winning local beer. They serve Americana brunch on weekends and dinner from Thursday to Monday.
  • Pizza Factory: They offer thin or deep crust, artisan or old school pizzas with acrobatic chefs.

Three Rivers Ca Fishing

The fish population found in Three Rivers Ca includes bluegill, catfish, rainbow trout, bass, crappie, and carp. Below are some of the fishing trails in Three Rivers:

  • Moose Lake via Watchtower and Pear Lake Trails

This is a 25.6km moderately trafficked out, and back trail found close to Three Rivers. The trail is perfect for fishing and best used from June to September.

  • Weaver Lake Trail

This is a 10.5km heavily trafficked out, and back trail found near Three Rivers and is estimated as moderate. The trail is majorly used for fishing and is best used from June to October.

  • Mineral King, Little Five Lakes, and Big Five Lakes Loop

This 45.4km moderately trafficking loop trail is found close to Three Rivers, Ca, and is rated difficult. The trail is perfect for use from March to October.

  • Nine Lake Basin

This 55.5km lightly trafficked out, and back trail is found close to Three Rivers, Ca, with a lake known as a tough trail. The trail is best used for fishing from July till October.

  • Heather Lake via Hump Trail

This is an 11.6km moderately trafficked out, and back trail found close to Three Rivers, Ca, showing a lake and categorized as difficult. The trail provides several activity options and is accessible throughout the year.

Three Rivers Adventures

Providing exciting big game hunts in Alberta, Canada, the owner and operator of Three Rivers Adventure, Corey Jarvis, is famous for his large numbers of shot opportunities and high kill success. In the early 1980s, Jarvis spent much of his free time fishing, exploring, trapping, and hunting. Skilled in upland and waterfowl bird hunts, predator hunts, and Trophy quality hunts for whitetails and mule deer with bow and rifle, he can guarantee a great stalk hunting experience with the assistance of professional guides.

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