Things to Look for in a Good Online Bank

Online banking is an important part of banking in the modern age. Online banks typically don’t have any physical locations; as opposed to a physical bank, these banks typically offer more bare-bones checking and savings options. However, there are also many different ways that a good online bank may be able to benefit you. Here are four of the things you might want to look for when it comes to finding the best online banks.

  1. Low or No Monthly Fee

A monthly fee is becoming less common, especially when it comes to online banks, which typically have fewer options than physical banks. However, depending on the bank that you want to sign up for, there may be a small monthly fee. As long as your budget is able to accommodate that monthly fee, it could be an effective way for you to get more perks from your online bank.

  1. Good App on Your Preferred Carrier

One thing some people don’t look at is the app rating for an online bank with their preferred carrier. This may be the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, but different carriers may have apps of different qualities. The same bank may have a better app for iOS than Android or vice versa. Take a look at the ratings for the app available on the device that you have so you can get a better experience.

  1. ATM Access

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Some people may find ATM access important, while others may not find it important almost at all. In general, if you find that you’re regularly withdrawing cash from an ATM, you’ll want to look for an online bank with a robust ATM network, whereas if you’re not, you may be able to use an online bank that doesn’t have an ATM network at all. Especially if the bank offers reimbursement for a few ATM uses every month, you may be able to get away with no ATM network.


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  1. Investments and Savings Accounts

If you’re interested in using your online bank account for more than just checking, you’ll want to look into what other products the bank account offers. For example, while most online bank accounts offer checking accounts, not all of them offer savings accounts, CDs, and investment strategies. These can be great ways to get more usage out of your money, especially if you have a significant amount of money available to invest.


An online bank can be just as beneficial as a bank anywhere else. If you’re thinking about getting a checking account, you might be looking at an online bank rather than a bank with physical locations. However, even in the generalized realm of online banking, there are many different elements that you may want to look into. These four things are all important things to look at when you’re thinking about getting a new bank account; make sure you adapt their applicability to your specific situation for the best results.