Types Of Zorb Balls: complete guide

Ever experienced zorbing? An experience that can make your dreams of walking on water and sliding down hills come true is all that zorbing is all about. What makes it even more interesting is that all of this is possible thanks to the simple sphere hollow ball. Now, these balls also have other types and different types that people can choose which are the most comfortable. So, read on for this full guide on the types of Zorb balls and what might be best for you. Let’s get started.

Types of Zorb Balls

As you may know, a zorb ball usually has only two forms, a hard ball or an array ball. These two will have different types with different and different shades of their own, making zorbing moments memorable for you. Here’s what you need to know:

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Ground zorbing balls

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These are some of the most commonly purchased them on the market. Perfect for running, jumping, falling, rolling, and gala time with your friends on the ground, this ball is the perfect one for tough zorbing lovers.

Made of 1 millimeter thick, clear but strong plastic. With dimensions of up to 12 feet in width, it can hold people as tall as 8 feet tall. The PVC material makes it lightweight, strong and elastic as well. In addition, it can be delivered all with or without the harness, depending on the customer’s choice. So, make a nice slide down the hill with each of these.

Water zorbing balls

It is one of the most important activities for children. These balls allow you and your partner to walk, run and play on the water in a circle. Inflatable water zorb balls are provided with high-grade rope and handle to ensure full safety as well as endless enjoyment. On top of this, high-grade rubber and latex are also formed in the ball to make the punching and non-slip hole.

Kameymall Water balls can also be adjusted in size as well. So, with this in your life, floating on the water can indeed be a dream come true!

Snow zorbing balls

Remembering the land and the water, how can one forget the snow? Snowy areas need to enjoy zorbing as well. Thats where the snowballs come to your rescue. However, such excitement poses a small risk because the snow does not provide a great scratch for the ball making it difficult to move and increasing the chances of a cold ball. Therefore, this should only be done under professional supervision.

It has in the box some special features such as having a nylon cord attached and attached to the Stainless Steel D Ring, to make the ball more safe and warm for you. So, if you want to risk it, go with it!

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Bubble climbing balls

When it comes to thinking of something out of the box, bubble riding is the first thing to come out! Bubble zorbing is a new way to enjoy climbing or playing serious football and soccer games.

These semi-spherical balls fit your upper body- head area and then you have full control over your entire body, unlike normal balls. Often in sports, after dressing up, even if you run into a player or fall, your head will never feel anything.

So, with this chosen hat ball, you get both fun and security. So, everyone who loves football, start planning your next game wearing this! So, now you know all the different types of the balls on the market to choose from. But how do you know which one is right for you? Let’s see!

Knowing The Best Zorb Ball Is Best For You

Are you standing in a store and confused about which zorb ball  is worth your money? Keep these tips in mind before you consider buying  them:

  •         Decide where you want to do zorbing, ground/water/ice.
  •         Keep the budget in mind. Water, ice, and tubes are often more expensive than conventional hardwood Zorb.
  •         Whether you want to zoom in on your own or with a company. In the latter case, you can’t buy that winter.
  •         If you are wondering where to find these balls, Kameymall might be the right choice! Finding affordable and quality zerb balls is the motto of the store. So,

have fun zorbing with your loved ones!

Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, zorbing is an amazing way to enjoy just because of the magic of these great balls. They come in a variety of shapes, depending on which area you want to apply. Naming them, different types of these balls include dry, wet, ice and bubble ride zorb balls. Choose what you want and satisfy your choices to make a real purchase.

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