What Are Induction Motors?

Induction motors are one of the most versatile pieces of industrial equipment. When you’re working on small projects, single phase induction motors operate in toys, appliances, fans, pumps, compressors and household goods. For heavy industrial applications, three phase induction motors power crushers, cranes, hoists, machines and more. Each type of motor has its own set of benefits that makes it suitable for your next project.

When you buy your induction motors from a reputable supplier, you’ll get strong, durable motors that power your equipment for years to come. Here’s a look at what we sell at ARC Systems Inc.–your reliable induction motor manufacturer.

How Do Induction Motors Work?

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AC induction motors contain a rotating magnetic field that produces an electric current. This current creates torque that keeps the motor running. While some types of induction motors are self-starting, others need equipment to get them running.

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What Is A Single Phase Induction Motor?

Single phase induction motors require equipment and a power supply to start running. Depending on the type of motor, each induction motor has a different start process. For example, capacitor motors need a capacitor to get started.

Each type of single phase induction motor has different applications. You’ll commonly find split phase induction motors in fans, appliances, floor polishers and drilling machines. Likewise, you’ll find capacitor induction motors in fridges, pumps, compressors and conveyors. Permanent split capacitor motors often appear in fridge compressors and office equipment.

In addition to equipment and appliances, single phase motors often appear in household goods like toys, fans and kitchen mixers. Single phase induction motors typically generate less power than three phase induction motors, making them ideal for smaller projects.

What Is A Three Phase Induction Motor?

Unlike single phase motors, three phase induction motors are self-starting. Since they don’t require extra equipment, three phase induction motors are popular for industrial applications. Certain types of three phase motors produce more energy than single phase motors. They’re also cheaper, helping factories and industrial facilities save money on equipment.

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Three phase induction motors come in two different varieties: squirrel cage motors and slip ring motors. Squirrel motors have a simple yet durable construction that requires little maintenance even after months of consistent use. However, some projects require slip ring motors because they produce more torque.

How Are Induction Motors Used?

In addition to home and industrial applications, induction motors play a major role in some of the world’s biggest industries. This includes aerospace and military applications, particularly in the aircraft fields. A single malfunction could be dangerous–which is why ARC Systems Inc. provides long-lasting motors that meet the strictest safety standards.

Does ARC Systems Inc. Sell Custom Motors?

We keep a stock of premade motors so you don’t have to wait long for your induction motor to arrive. However, if you don’t see what you need in our inventory, contact us about designing a custom motor. If you already have the specs, we’ll craft a motor according to your specifications. We can also help you design a motor that suits your industry’s needs.

When we design a motor, we take safety, voltage and usage into consideration to make sure that your motor operates with the rest of your equipment. If you see a motor in our inventory that only needs a few tweaks, we can sell you an adjusted motor that fits your design needs.

To browse our inventory, use the columns to the right to match a motor to your specifications. We sort our motors by phase number, voltage, frequency, shaft speed and motor size. Once you find the right motor, hit the checkbox and click the “Request a Quote” button. This doesn’t automatically order the motor–instead, we’ll send you a quote so you can see that we’re the right supplier for your business.

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