What Horse Is Bigger Than A Clydesdale? Meet The Shire Horse

If you are interested in great big horses, the Clydesdale has a hearing of right up to its size and stronger. But did you know the is a breed of equine that can outsize even the Clydesdale? Let us understand how the Shire horse is bigger than a Clydesdale

What Horse Is Bigger Than A Clydesdale; Meet The Shire Horse

What Horse Is Bigger Than A Clydesdale

The Shire horse is famous as one of the largest breeds globally. These gentle giants hail from old England and stand a hand or more above other heavy horses, Clydesdales not excluded. Shires evolved to be quite large and powerful, reaching a height of 17.0-18 hands (68 -72 inches) at the withers when mature – oftentimes measuring as much or more standing still than lighter breeds weigh ridden efficiently!

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A Different Toughie Also… What Horse Is Larger Than A Clydesdale?

Although both breeds are heavy draft horses, the Shire usually outweighs the Clydesdale. Another breed of a draft horse is the Clydesdale, and they are equally stunning standing an impressive 16 to 18 hands (64-72 inches) tall at their withers on average from to about weighing around1800lbs-2300lbs. Although when you compare both of them then Shire is a little taller and heavier on the average.

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Horse Uses And Facts – what horse is bigger than a clydesdale?

Horse Uses And Facts - what horse is bigger than a clydesdale

The Shire horse was originally bred for use in agriculture and hauling of goods, as the breed is known for its strength and steady disposition. They are recognizable for their feathering on the lower legs and docile nature, which has made them ideal as working animals but also show horses or therapeutic giants.


Why? because the beautiful and stately Shire is slightly taller when full grown than a Clydsdale. Domineering in their apparence, respecful in nature- the Shire has captured our hearts time and again. Whether you appreciate them for their size, strength or history the Shire horse really does represent one of the icons to equine greatness.

Beautiful enough just to look at them; whether you are planning to work with these wonderful animals or merely appreciate the sheer size and presence of a Shire horse will stay in your mind for ever.


Top 10 Biggest Horses In The World Bigger Than Clydesdales?

Shire horses are visibly larger than Clydesdales, with averages approaching several inches taller and often more expansive.

How Do Shire Horses Size Up To Clydesdales?

Shire horses stand 17 to 18 hands high at the withers and can weigh up to 2,400 pounds on average – slightly taller highs but lighter weights than a Clydesdale.

What Horse Breed Are As Big As A Clydesdale?

Sure thing, and that yes includes breeds like Percherons and Belgians which are close to Clydesdales in size but Shires were practically established as king of the hill.

How Can You Tell A Shire From A Clyde?

One thing to note is that Shire horses are much taller the Clydesdales they stand in 190 hands and with heavy feathering on their lower legs as well, not only this but they have a very docile temperament.

So, How Come Shire Horses Are Known As ‘gentle Giants’?

Shire horses were bred to be massive in size, but they also have very gentile and friendly personalities, which makes them not only suited for the heavy work jobs throughout history but much-loved companion animals who are often seen at shows being led by children.