What is BDSwiss Minimum Deposit?

BDSwiss is a South African-based forex company who is successfully running its business for ages. This platform provides you with multiple benefits. One of them is BDSwiss minimum deposit fee. To open a real account in BDSwiss forex trader, you only need $100. However, the minimum deposit fee also depends upon the type of your account. Furthermore, it takes around 72 hours to activate your first deposition.

In addition, the minimum deposit amount of BDSwiss is equal to ZAR 1500 based on the current currency exchange rate between US dollars and SA Rand.

What is the minimum deposit fee of the BDSwiss VIP account?

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You can open a class account in BDSwiss by transacting only 100 USD. However, you have to pay USD 3000 and USD 5000 to run a BDSwiss VIP and Raw account, respectively. In addition, FSCA regulates BDSwiss operations. Thereby, your fund will remain in a separate account from a broker, and you can use this money only for trading purposes.

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What is the Deposit Methods and Fee of BDSwiss?

BDSwiss requires a small amount of minimum deposit compared to other forex traders while opening a real account. For the ease of their clients, BDSwiss provides you with multiple methods to make a transaction through your account. 

However, your funds must be withdrawn to your bank account through the same method you used to make a deposition. In addition, BDSwiss accepts the following payment methods:

  • Western Union
  • Mastercard
  • Credit Card 
  • Sofort

BDSwiss may charge some additional fees from you, and you have to pay some extra money while doing a transaction through a third party. However, BDSwiss accepts euro, dollars, CHF as deposit currencies.

How to deposit the minimum amount in the BDSwiss account?

To deposit your fund, you can use your bank account to send payments to the BDSwiss segregated customer account. Or you can select the personal area from your account menu after registering for a real account. And then you have to go to the deposit access, from where you can easily transact your money.

However, traders first have to log in to their personal space by using their real account and choosing the deposit tab. After that, follow the instructions generated by BDSwiss traders to run deposits into their forex account.

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In addition, it is crucial to remember that you have run withdrawal in the same currency in which you have deposited the funds. If this is not done, then you may have to pay extra for the conversion fee. 

What are the benefits of a BDSwiss account?

Some of the benefits of using a BDSwiss account for forex trading are

  • BDSwiss offers you MT4, MT5, and propriety platforms to trade forex.
  • BDSwiss provides you with many discounts on ordering large trade.
  • BDSwiss has Islamic accounts, and it will open your account in no time.
  • BDSwiss gives you a demo account to practice trading, and their support staff is available to you 24/7.

The Bottom Line

Now you have to know the BDSwiss minimum deposit amount and how to make deposition on this platform. Use this information to trade better on BDSwiss and earn more money. 

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