What is “beating heart” cardiac surgery?

Beating-heart surgery is a particular type of cardiac surgery that is done while the heart is beating. When the arteries of a patient cannot supply the required amount of blood to their heart, the expert or doctor recommends this surgery. This surgery is also done in the best heart surgery hospital in Bangalore.

This specific surgery is also known as the Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery or OPCAB. In this surgery, the heartbeat will not be stopped, and there is no need for a heart-lung machine. Both the heart and lungs are able to perform their tasks respectively while the surgery is going on. The surgeons will use a system known as tissue stabilization to immobilize the special part of the heart, where they will perform the surgery.

This special kind of surgery also can restore blood flow into the heart like the other options. However, this beating heart cardiac surgery has fewer side effects in some special kinds of patients and is thus preferred by the best heart surgery hospital in Bangalore.

What happens during OPCAB?

First of all, the surgeon extracts a part of a vein or artery which is healthy from a specific part of the patient’s body, this is known as graft. After grafting, the surgeon attaches one end of that special graft to a specific area, which is above the blockage portion of the heart. 

Then the other end is being attached to the other area of the coronary artery, which is situated under the blockage area. After this graft is attached successfully, the flow of blood to your heart is restored successfully.

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The main challenge in this surgery, known as the beating heart cardiac surgery, is that it is very difficult to “sew” while the heart is beating. The surgeon needs to use a specific system known as the “stabilization” system in order to keep the steadiness of the heart.

While doing this beating-heart surgery, the surgeons use a special kind of medical device to make a specific part of the heart stable while operating. Doing surgery on a heart that is beating helps in reducing the risk for various complications, which can be found while doing the surgeries by stopping a heart. Thus it is preferred by the best heart surgery hospital in Bangalore.

Benefits of “beating heart” surgery:

There are some types of benefits that a patient can achieve by going through a “beating heart” cardiac surgery. Some of those are:

  • They can recover much quicker than the other types of cardiac surgeries.
  • This option can provide better preservation of the functionality of the heart.
  • There are lesser chances of complications in the organs like kidney, heart, or liver.
  • This special kind of cardiac surgery can also increase the rate of survival than other cardiac surgeries, even with the patients having high risk.
  • There is very minimal risk of neurological injuries, such as memory complications or stroke.
  • The patient needs to stay in the hospital for a lesser time.

Therefore, this special kind of cardiac surgery known as the “beating heart” surgery is always a much more preferable option to treat a heart patient and is thus preferred by the best heart surgery hospital in Bangalore.

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