What Symptoms Due to Elmiron Can You Get Legal Resource For?

Elmiron is the brand name of the drug pentosan polysulfate sodium. It is used to treat a bladder disorder known as interstitial cystitis (IC). One of the only effective medicines for the treatment of IC at a time, recent research and studies have shown that the use of Elmiron, in the long run, could cause toxicity for the retina and lead to problems with vision. In addition to this, nausea, rashes, upset stomach, bloody stool, dizziness, and liver issues caused by Elmiron must also be considered. 

If you were prescribed the use of Elmiron and have suffered symptoms of ill-health after the same, you must consult an attorney to establish the legal recourse you can opt for to address your concerns. 

Are you eligible to participate in a lawsuit against Elmiron?

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Elmiron was developed and manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceuticals. As a company, they can face a few different kinds of lawsuits:

  • Design defect
  • Manufacture defect 
  • Failure to provide proper warnings

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The use of Elmiron has been linked with the development of several health issues, including vision problems such as blurriness, sight impairment, and complete loss of sight. You are eligible to file a lawsuit in any of these cases, but the most common basis for claiming damages is that of Maculopathy. Maculopathy occurs when the central retinal region of the eye is damaged. The type of macular degeneration linked with Elmiron is referred to as “pigmentary maculopathy.” 

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Patients suffering from such a condition may experience various symptoms like general poor vision, decreased nighttime and dark light vision, distorted and dimmed vision, unilateral or bilateral blindness, and blurry or black spots in the center of vision. A patient may also have legal blindness due to long-term use of Elmiron. If you suffer from any of these symptoms and are prescribed Elmiron tablets, consult your physician immediately to discuss alternatives. You must also consult your attorney to discuss the various levels at which you can claim damages, including:

  1. Compensation for medical expenses to treat your symptoms and illnesses.
  2. Any loss experienced in terms of income, such as missing a day’s pay for a doctor’s appointment. 
  3. Any pain, discomfort, or anguish is resulting from your medical condition caused by Elmiron. This includes financial, physical, and mental aspects.
  4. Any economic losses you faced in the aftermath of developing the condition.

The manufacturer can be held responsible for not disclosing essential and life-saving information. Once you have already begun to take medication, it is critical to contact your attorney at the earliest to learn how you can make claims for the damages that were unfairly placed on you. 

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