Why Can’t You Upload Videos On TikTok?

Nowadays, TikTok is the most used popular social media platform gaining more traction among people. It is leading the way because of its creative freedom and entertainment nature. Users have found an enormous way to create unique content on the platform and searching for ways to earn more revenue from their accounts. If you are one of this group, it is crucial to post the content regularly to get more familiar. Above all, if you are trying to gain huge profile exposure, try the online services on how to buy tiktok views and likes? You will get massive TikTok services who offer the best video views. Unfortunately, when posting the video, users might experience many problems. Here, let’s look at why users are facing the issues. 

#1 Check TikTok Server

If you post the videos on TikTok, and the videos if not get uploaded, then sometimes there might be an issue on the TikTok server. While the TikTok server doesn’t work, it’s sure that you will experience some problems when you upload the videos. If you want to check that the TikTok server is working correctly, you can use the third-party application. Undoubtedly, it will be helpful to know whether the TikTok server is working or not. 

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#2 Problem With TikTok

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Sometimes, if you can’t upload the videos, you should try to restart the application and reinitialize TikTok resources, which may have temporary errors. Whether it is an Android or iOS device, restart the application through the switcher. Open the application switcher and swipe from the bottom to upwards of your screen. It will speed up the process, and you can easily restart the application.

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You have to close the TikTok application and remove it from your Recent Apps. Then start to reopen the application.

If there is still an issue with uploading the videos, try restarting your phone. Once you have restarted your smartphone while navigating the application, you will experience that the app is slightly faster. Generally, restart your smartphone.

  • Android Devices: Press and retain the power button and select Restart.
  • For iOS or iPhones: Press and retain the power button to power off the switch, and after a few seconds, you can turn it on. 

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#3 Check Network Connection

When you are uploading your videos, a stable internet connection is needed. For example, if you post videos on TikTok and if they have not been posted, there is an issue with the network. You can best use a speed test app like Fast.com to ensure that you get a reliable internet speed. If you experience that your internet connection is slow, then reboot your router or modem to refresh the connection of the ISP’s servers. 

Once you have rebooted your router, do a speed test on your network to check whether the problem is solved or not. If your internet connection is still slow, report to the service provider to fix the issues and resolve them quickly. 

#4 Clear TikTok App Data And Cache

When you are using the TikTok application, it stores a lot of temporary data on your device used by the application to enhance its performance. But remember that caches get accumulated, and there is a chance of becoming corrupted. If it happens, then their issues occur on the platform. If it is a problem, then clear the cache by going over the settings of your smartphone and speeding up the process. Here, let’s look at how to clear TikTok’s cache on devices. 

  • Open the TikTok application and go over to your Profile.
  • Tap on the Options button in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Go over the Free Up Space tab below Caches & Cellular Data.
  • Finally, click the Clear button near the Cache tab to begin the process. 
  • Once clearing your applications app cache, restart your TikTok application and check out that you can post videos now on the platform. 

#5 Check Copyright Violations

TikTok has set some rules and regulations, so consider them seriously while posting copyrighted content. If you are reposting content created by other TikTokers, it will become an issue. Hence, more users will tend to report your uploaded content on the platform. Whenever you try to post a video, you will get the error message that ‘Failed to upload’ or temporarily blocked. If you want to overcome the unnecessary block:

  1. Report the issues on TikTok.
  2. Look over any visible watermarks or logos that get you blocked.
  3. Crop your video before reuploading it.

Even specific issues arise when using some songs on the uploaded videos. Furthermore, edit your videos and use a different song to avoid problems. 

#6 Check That You Are Blocked From Posting

First, you should check if your account is blocked. Sometimes you may have blocked if you have violated the copyright issue or terms and conditions. So TikTok will prevent you from uploading videos from posting. If some users report, there is a chance that you may get blocked wrongfully.

If you want to do a quick check-in on the TikTok app, choose Inbox from the bottom bar, and in the menu, select From TikTok. So you will see a message that you long that your TikTok account has been blocked and when you have to start uploading again. 

Final Takeaway

These are the reasons that you have been restricted from uploading the videos. Indeed, it will affect the growth of your profile. So make sure to fix the issues and start to post the videos as soon as possible. Then, as a result, step up on the competitive game and build your strong presence on the platform, which helps create an ever-lasting relationship with other users or followers. 

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