Why Choose to Study Abroad?

In recent years, studying abroad has become a boom in many countries. Why do more and more students choose to study abroad? Here are 7 main reasons:

  1. Increase the chance of attending world-renowned schools

Studying abroad gives students more opportunities to study in world-renowned schools, as well as more schools and professional choices.

  1. Get a degree recognized globally, and increase opportunities for immigration and overseas development

Students with excellent grades can study in some world-renowned schools, such as Harvard University and Oxford University. These schools are world-renowned and the degrees awarded are also highly recognized, which not only proves the abilities of students, but also increases the opportunities for students to emigrate and develop overseas.

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Among the top 200 universities in the world, 46 are in the United States, 28 in the United Kingdom, and 9 in Australia, accounting for 41.5%. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that students apply for some prestigious universities in these countries.

  1. Enrich the life experience of students

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Studying abroad is not only to allow students to acquire more knowledge, but also to broaden students’ horizons, exercise students’ ability to live independently, cultivate their calm attitude towards victory and failure, and help students understand with a more comprehensive perspective human nature and society. 

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  1. The majors offered by foreign universities are very wide and practical, and there are many opportunities to re-select majors

High school graduates often have conflicts and entanglements in the relationship between professional choice and employment. After choosing your own major, it is not easy to change your major after enrolling in a domestic university. However, when encountering such problems abroad, they are very flexible. It is relatively easy to change majors, providing students with a broad avenue between employment and major choices. In addition, foreign universities offer a wide range of majors, which can provide students with more choices.

  1. Proficiency in the common language of international business – English

Even students with excellent English scores will be lacking in language use, students may have very good scores when dealing with exams (including IELTS, TOEFL, etc.), but the ability to use language is more difficult to break through in a non-English language environment. After several years of studying and living abroad, foreign language communication skills will undoubtedly be greatly improved, and students’ comprehensive English ability will be improved.

  1. Resource utilization and teaching efficiency

Teaching efficiency is a significant difference between foreign universities and domestic universities. On the one hand, western countries are relatively advanced in educational methods, concepts, and teaching facilities. They belong to heuristic education and focus on cultivating independent innovation capabilities. Another advantage is time. In English-speaking countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Singapore, it only takes three years for a bachelor’s degree and 1-2 years for a master’s degree. This greatly reduces the time and cost of studying abroad, so international students can be compared to their domestic counterparts. 

  1. Opportunities and connections

It is essential to establish new interpersonal relationships through the new social environment, so as to better understand others, self and society. On the one hand, students come into contact with diverse international students abroad, and exchanges between students increase their knowledge, opening up a broader vision and network of relationships for students. In the future, when you work and do business, you will have innate overseas partners to engage in scientific research.

You will have the support of alumni from prestigious overseas schools. When studying abroad, you can come into contact with things you can’t experience in a short-term visit, so that you can discover opportunities. On the other hand, in recent years, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and other countries have relaxed the employment restrictions for overseas students, and students can choose to work abroad freely; if students choose to return to the country for employment or entrepreneurship, the experience of studying abroad makes it easier for students to exhibit in foreign companies and national institutions.

In short, studying abroad is not absolutely necessary, but it can enrich your life experience, broaden your horizons, make people grow, have more life experiences that are not easily available in your home country, improve cultural accomplishment, and increase your international communication skills. When you have a chance, you must go outside to see it. It’s like starting a business. You are worth living in this lifetime! 

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