20 YouTube Video Ideas for Beginners to Get it Inspired

YouTube has become a mainstream platform for influencers, bloggers, and celebrities to connect with the world. Many people earn money from YouTube by making innovative and original content to grasp maximum attention. As the competition grows every day, making creative videos for YouTube is becoming tougher.

This article is a must-read for beginners who want to create vigorous content to become successful YouTubers. Apart from the YouTube video ideas, we will also suggest some amazing tools to create animated videos that you can use for many projects.

1. Make Animated Videos to Simplify your Content

Animated videos simplify complicated concepts by displaying visual representation. Nowadays, people convey their messages and ideas through captivating storytelling. Animated videos make storytelling well-explained with graphics and active images. For effortlessly creating animated videos, the best platform available is Doratoon.

Doratoon is a competent platform for creating animated videos with lots of exciting tools. This platform offers exciting tools like templates, props, and backgrounds containing vibrant colors. This platform also consists of stock animated footage that you can use freely on your PowerPoint presentations, YouTube videos, and school projects.

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2. Present Yourself

Being a beginner, when you launch a new YouTube channel, it would be essential to introduce yourself and your genre of content. Through an introductory video, the audience will know and understand the content you would be creating. Also, you can reach your target audience through it.

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3. Make Vlogs

Vlogging is another trend that many influencers do nowadays. You can make vlogs on topics like a day in your life or your morning routine in which you will pleasingly show your daily activities. The vlogs will give an insight into your life that can attract many viewers.

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4. Use Recording Tools for Impressive Presentations

If you want to record your presentations and animated videos to demonstrate visually, we will suggest SOOMUS as the best video presentation recording tool. SOOMUS is the most reliable platform to use a unique approach as you can deliver the message and concepts comprehensively. You can select any template in this tool for recording a presentation and record it in high quality.

Many professionals opt for this tool for product marketing, online education, and business cooperation. By adding the advanced elements from SOOMUS, you can record your presentation in the best way possible.

5. Make Video on Life Hacks

Being innovative instantly grabs attention as people always want to see something new. Life saving hacks are an interesting option to share home remedies, DIYs, and quick solutions to the problem. Also, people can utilize these smart methods, which can benefit them in various aspects.

6. Makeup Tutorials

Beauty vloggers share makeup tutorials that are still popular today. If you have potential makeup skills, you can show different makeup tutorials, share your skincare routine, and advise on good makeup products.

7. Outfit Ideas

Clothing and fashion are a million-dollar industry as people are interested in them. You can make videos on attractive outfit ideas such as trending clothes for the fall season, summer looks, or how to dress elegantly.

8. Review Movies and Dramas

Another unique genre of YouTube videos is reviewing movies, songs, and dramas. For entertainment, people usually search for top-rated and most-watched movies. You can review the most-watched movies or songs and make recommendations based on your likes and dislikes.

9. Share Cooking Recipes

Cooking videos may sound typical, but these videos are the most viewed in actuality. You can share delicious cooking recipes that are simple and affordable for common people.

10. Share your Journey

Inspirational and motivational videos are a treat to watch. You can share your struggles and journey on topics such as how you overcame anxiety or how you transformed yourself into an optimistic person. These videos can target many people as emotionality and being original always stands out.

11. Fitness Videos

Who does not want to become fit? Globally, millions of people want to lose their weight in the minimum time. You can share exercises, diet plans, yogas, and helpful tips to lose weight effectively. Furthermore, you can share healthy recipes that will help people become physically strong.

12. Make Video Challenge

Nowadays, many influencers are making video challenges in which they try something adventurous and risky. These videos are always fun to watch as a viewer; you are interested in how they have accomplished a certain challenge. For instance, challenge yourself to eat spicy noodles or try not to laugh.

13. Comedy Videos

You have several options to make a comedy video, such as doing a comic skit, parodies, or a funny review. You can also compile funny videos on epic fails or funny reactions. Comic videos are a massive source of entertainment and get huge viewership.

14. Home Decor Ideas

Home décor ideas include interior designing, home makeovers, or stylish furniture design. You can create a video on these ideas, such as how to do a home makeover affordably. Moreover, you can teach tips on maintaining and cleaning the house and furniture.

15. Make Travel Vlogs

If you love traveling, you can record your journey and share it with the world. Travel vlogs usually include hotel reviews, restaurant recommendations, and the best places to visit. Through these vlogs, you can introduce the places you visited and show the sightseeing with your audience.

16. Make Documentaries

Documentary videos on YouTube can cover numerous aspects of the world. For instance, you can make a documentary on a historical event or raise awareness by highlighting a social issue. Also, you can make a documentary on a particular city in which you can tell about the history, geography and financial factors of the city.

17. Share Scientific Research

You can conduct and share interesting scientific findings and projects on YouTube. People usually record scientific experiments and state their facts and figures in such videos. Scientific videos are helpful and informative, covering many research areas.

18. Give Tours

In tour videos, you can give and share an insight into your room, house, car, and other usual places. You can give tours to historical places, expensive mansions, and abandoned houses for more engaging content. You can share interesting details and background information on every tour video with your audience.

19. Give Religious Knowledge

You can make YouTube videos that cover religious findings, knowledge, and history. For example, you can make a video on the top 5 religions of the world, interviews of people from different religious backgrounds, or general public opinions regarding any particular religion.

20. Give Tech Updates

Tech update videos cover news of the arrival of smartphones or electronic devices. You can give relative information about new technology that has been launched in the market or features of the newly released electronic gadget. Through these videos, you can also do product marketing effectively.

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You can find numerous YouTube videos ideas on the internet, but sometimes an abundance of information creates chaos. This well-structured article will guide all the beginners who want to launch their own YouTube channel and looking for the inspiration to create original content.