5 Simple Steps to Turn Facebook Ads into Your Secret Goldmine.

Almost 2 Billion users use Facebook every month, that’s right 2,000,000,000. But you already know that and that’s why you run Facebook and heck maybe your business largely depends on Facebook ads. And if it’s important enough then you have figured out the conversion problem and you’re getting a decent number of leads from Facebook but once that happens you have yet another problem to solve next. How do you manage all the leaves that you get from Facebook?

Do you manually download the Excel sheets at the end of each and every day and then distribute it to your sales executives? If yes then that means that somebody who’s submitted a quarry on your Facebook lead from yesterday will likely get a call by end of day today or worst-case scenario tomorrow! Which means most of the time of your sales executives is spent on convincing and reminding the prospect that he actually filled the form.

What if there was a way to engage with each and every lead that you get from Facebook ads within 90 seconds! Yes you read that right within 90 seconds!

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A Facebook CRM integration or Facebook lead management software helps you do just that!

  • It keeps your team from having to manage multiple platforms and manage everything at one place.
  • It ends the process of manual data entry.

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Your roadmap for turning Facebook ads into a goldmine, follow these 5 simple steps:  

  •  Target the right audience: 

My ads aren’t performing well on Facebook because, possibly, my target audience isn’t hanging out there.”
This is the most common phrase I hear from people who are unable to generate enough leads through facebook ads.
Today, when we do the majority of our marketing activities over Facebook. It’s really important to target the right audience with relevant content so as to convert people who are unaware of your brand into paying customers!

Targeting the right audience will:

  • Make your ads more effective hence successful.
  • Lower your overall cost of running them.

Now, how do you do it?
Majorly by creating a perfect sales funnel.

Identify and differentiate among the potential customers by segregating into categories of Not Aware, Aware and Direct Leads.
It is only after this that you send out the right messages to the right audience.
Sending a perfect message to the wrong audience will eventually not work!

Sending right message to the right people will improve your chances of closure.

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  1. Test and improve your ads for higher conversion

Try improving your ads according to your target audience. If your target audience is between the age group of 20-25 years and you’re advertising keeping the demographic’s age in mind but the things that aren’t still working out. Then you definitely need to reconsider your strategy. Take other factors into account, such as the location they’re based in! Rural or Urban?
That’s how you sneak into their minds!
But what if your product is for everyone from the ages of 18 to 65?
Will you still use one single advertisement and expect that the entire lot takes interest?
You shouldn’t try to speak to everyone with the same ad, the people who’ll actually take interest will be very less and that simply sets you up for failure!

  1. Capture your leads into an easy to use CRM:

Stop downloading your Facebook leads so as to take any further action!
Use a CRM which can intelligently capture all your new leads at one place.

And as soon as any lead shows interest, the intelligent integration tools, such as a Facebook CRM software captures your leads directly into the CRM.

TeleCRM allows you to:

  • See all of your new leads at one place.
  • Eliminates the need to download a fresh CSV file every time you want to see them.

    To get high quality leads you can use Facebook Custom audiences to target users similar to your established customers, which simply allows you to boost your ROI.
  1. Instantly engage leads

Lead generation….Then?

Trust me, we live in a culture of instant. The one to first grab the opportunity has it!

When your lead is still browsing and looking for options, that is the best time to connect and seek attention!
You can instantly set up a call or send out an instant SMS.

This spontaneous connection will not just keep you in their head for long but also create an unmatchable wow element. This will not just get you a potential lead but  also build trust  and a high brand image.


  1. Leverage instant WhatsApp to triple your conversion rate

You may have seen ‘a click to WhatsApp’ feature on several pages which lets you directly chat to them with WhatsApp with just a touch/click.  

WhatsApp marketing is one bulletproof strategy for building long profound relationships with customers.

Over 55% of people feel more connected to a brand if they use messaging apps.
Since on an average a user checks WhatsApp over 23 times a day hence you can expect quick responses and build deep quality relationships with customers.

Instant WhatsApp messages work as a sort of magic wand for your sales by driving more conversations with TeleCRM! TeleCRM also works as a WhatsApp CRM as you can integrate your WhatsApp with the CRM using the WhatsApp  

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