Air Tracks: Everything you need to know

What is air track?

Aerial hotspots are popular landing spots or hammocks for gymnasts, cheerleaders and park our enthusiasts. Commercial-grade air jackets, like ours in All about Gymnastics, are portable, weightless and allow you to land safely and steadily on professional summer floors for quick and easy setup in interactive spaces.

What is air track?

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Airways used in a variety of sports, from athletes to athletes, gymnasts to cheerleaders, are soft, well-planted, full-length take-offs.

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What are the benefits of track?

  • The vents are lightweight and portable, so they can be transported as needed and used at home or in the gym.
  • The vents create a low landing area that reduces the chance of injury.
  • The vents provide a nice bounce that increases the length.
  • Wind turbines allow gymnasts to practice movements over and over to build their confidence and learn new skills.

Which route is best for me?

The length, thickness and width of the vents can meet different sport’s needs.

Air track length

3 meters air runway

3 meters is the length of the most common airline and an excellent airline for beginners to gymnastics, cheerleading and park ours. For All about Gymnastics, our 3m Air Track Eva, Rainbow Air track and air track mat Home track Pro are a variety of lightweight materials suitable for home and gym use. They come in a variety of colours and come with Velcro straps so you can attach the truck for added rollover runs. They are made of sturdy, high-grade 0.9mm matt PVC.

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4 meters air runway

If you want to grow taller, the 4-meter wind track provides a long safe area for landings, landings and somersaults. Try the Air Track D10 4m, Air Track D20 4m or the amazing Rainbow Air Track 4m, all with Velcro closures, colour options and a sturdy PVC finish.

6 meters air runway

If you have the space, a 6m air runway is the perfect gym option when you need an XL landing surface. 

Air Track Department

10cm air duct

The Kameymall standard air track is 10cm deep and features high pressure to provide a stable, smooth landing for many jumps and manoeuvres. The 10cm depth follows the same break as doing the gym floor to create a lift technique that’s easy to get back to the gym.

20cm air duct

Added bounce down 20cm Air Track is the perfect solution for players of all levels. The 20cm deep air runway can be used at high and low pressures, providing low performance, stable landings and better long jumps. The extra bounce will make the skill easier to catch. If you’re looking for a 20cm air track, try our Rainbow Track 6m, D20 4m or D20 6m.

Wide air track

If you want a wide, professional landing area, some wind turbines are 2 meters tall.

What is wind turbines made of?

At All about Gymnastics, our wind turbines are made of high-grade PVC, providing a soft, non-slip, strong and easy-to-clean surface. Body Wind Track reinforced 0.2mm drop joint wall (DWF), brushed. The top DWF consists of 2 layers of woven fabric, which are interconnected by thousands of thin threads.

Can the airline go out?

The vents are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. When out and about, make sure to use the air track on a flat surface. If you choose to use Air Track, All about Gymnastics is recommended unless you want the floor to be clean on any sharp objects. We provide advice in use.

How do you inspire airspace?

Depending on your budget, the wind turbine can be easily lifted using a foot pump or an electric pump. Buyers should be aware that some camping mattresses and pumps do not have enough power to install Air Tracks for true compression.

Are air songs easy to come out?

If you choose a fan with high equipment quality, the fan should not come out easily. Commercial conventional airways, such as those in All about Gymnastics, are constructed of high-quality materials that provide a durable rebound, low-impact landing space.

How can you adjust the airways?

Like most wind turbines, Air Tracks can be easily repaired using a kit and stickers. Click here for our Air Track adjusting feature.


  • Inexpensive: Small infectious ladders start at about $100. These pads have the same construction as the larger models, but lack the anchors and markers as they are rarely needed.
  • Mid-range: 5- to 10-foot Mets cost between $100 and $350. These cushions have handles, straps and Velcro straps.
  • Expensive: Once the 13-foot mark is reached, the type and texture of the mat changes slightly. Generally speaking, longer mats are more expensive. Tall mats that are about 39 feet can cost more than $1,000.


Clear the area before using the gymnastics air track mat. Even with the design marks, it’s easy to fall off the mat, especially if you practice a lot of techniques. Leave room for the sides, top, and ends of the mat so you don’t bump or hit anything. Beware of heat and sharp objects. Inflatable gym mats are pretty sturdy unless they’re too hot or too stinging. Heat can reduce PVC, which can lead to cracks and weak areas.

Air mattresses are more than just soil. Most models are waterproof and can be used around or inside a private pool or pool. Therefore, please consider the manufacturer’s recommendations as not all cushions can be used for this purpose.

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