4 Tips for a Safe Christmas with Your Cat

For cats, the Christmas period usually brings a lot of stress and danger. In this article, we explain how to avoid danger during Christmas. If you follow these five tips and tricks, you’ll have a safe and relaxing Christmas with your cat. Fairytale lights, sparkling Christmas balls, gift ribbons… there’s no better time of year to excite cats than Christmas.

In the hustle and bustle before Christmas, between preparing cookies, lighting candles, decorating trees, and sending Christmas cards, we tend to forget that not only are all these changes stressful for our felines, but they can be dangerous to them too. But don’t worry, with a little care and attention, everything will be great.

4 Tips for a Safe Christmas with Your Cat

  1. Escape Stress: Provide Your Cat a Quiet Place

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A Christmas tree in the living room, sparkling lights, the sweetness of cookies, Christmas carols, the multitude of guests… At Christmas, our cats no longer understand what’s going on around them.

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House animals like this find it difficult to manage all these changes in their familiar environment. So despite the hustle and bustle of Christmas, it’s more important to be considerate and not ignore your pet’s needs.

Remember that noise and noise, especially on Christmas Eve, can quickly become excessive for cats. Outdoor cats usually escape through the cat flap, but indoor cats are disturbed by the noise and busy rhythm of the house.

So be sure to keep a comfortable and quiet place in your home where your cat can rest if necessary. For example, this could be a bedroom, basement, or any quiet place. Even a cardboard box filled with a thick blanket and placed in a quiet place would be perfect. Most cats like to hide under blankets or in cat trees and will prefer to hide at Christmas.

To keep your cat comfortable, you should also leave behind a litter box, food, and a basket. You can also buy rising diffusers for cats. These synthetic pheromones (endogenous odors) have a soothing effect on cats.

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Cat owners looking to escape the stress of Christmas or visit the extended family should make arrangements early. Bringing your cat with you for your Cats and Christmas is usually not a good idea, as the trip itself, as well as the new environment, can be quite stressful for most kittens. The best option is usually to find a pet sitter who can take care of your cat.

  1. Keep candles and fairy lights out of the reach of cats

For cats, candles and garlands represent an often underestimated danger. Lighted candles should always be kept out of the reach of cats. Never leave burning candles unattended. Cats are smart and accidents happen quickly. As an alternative to candles, you can use LED candles. But they are also dangerous for small cats. When playing with fairy lights, cats can get tangled in wires and strangle themselves. If the cat bites the cable, it risks getting an electric shock, which can be very dangerous. So, fasten the light ring to the tree. Put the wreath only when you’re in the room, and don’t leave your cat alone on the tree.

  1. Secure around the tree

Cats have mastered the perfect art of climbing and balancing, both outdoors and indoors. So it’s no wonder that many cats see the Christmas tree in the living room, with lit candles, flickering baubles, and floating tinsel, like a life-size game. But unlike the cat tree, this tree poses a certain danger to our cats.

Breaking the ball can cause serious leg cuts. Christmas wreaths and ribbons are just as dangerous, as they can cause intestinal blockages if ingested. Other fire hazards include fir needles, which animals cannot digest when swallowed. The resin on the tree can also cause poisoning. Finally, if your cat uses it as a cat tree or to pull a wreath, the tree may fall. In order to limit the many hazards of the Christmas tree, the following should be noted:

Make sure the tree is stable

  • For trim, choose materials such as wood, straw, or hard plastic. If you don’t want to be without glass balls, hang them out of the cat’s reach and make sure they’re securely attached to the branch
  • Make sure the string lights are securely attached to the branches
  • Pick up needles ASAP so your cat doesn’t swallow them
  • Also, throw away the ribbon and wrapping paper immediately after opening the gift. You can certainly let your cat play with the wrapping paper, but only under supervision. If your cat accidentally swallows the tape, seek medical attention immediately. Do not attempt to remove the tape by yourself. Even if the part is still protruding from the mouth, don’t pull it, it can cause serious internal injuries.
  1. Avoid poisonous plants and essential oils

Poinsettia, mistletoe, and Christmas roses: These plants traditionally live in homes during the Christmas period, but are poisonous to cats. If your cat is one of those cats who like to chew plants, you should avoid the above. If your cat bites a poinsettia or mistletoe leaf when you turn around, he may experience severe poisoning symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, acute cramps, as well as severe kidney damage. Essential oils, designed to spread Christmas scents around the house, can also be very dangerous for your cat if he licks them.

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