Best Variations of Balayage Hairstyles for Women

Balayage hair coloring involves shading your hair to give it a more natural than artificial look. The end result is supposed to blend in with your facial tone to maintain your natural appearance. The amount of dye used is very minimal as the hair is supposed to look as natural as possible.

Balayage hairstyles are your everyday style regardless of your age, facial shape hair texture or your hair volume. Some of the balayage hair ideas you can wear with your blonde hair are discussed here.

  • Medium Length Blonde Balayage

If your hair is just above the shoulders you can easily rock a Balayage. This can be paired with curtain bangs to get a fashionable result. It best suits young women who love to regularly change their appearance.

  • Wavy Blowout Balayage

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This is a formal hairstyle to rock if you are in that kind of lifestyle. Make waves on your hair and make even curtain bangs. Use gel and hairspray to neaten all the hair strands to make perfect layers.

  • Ponytail Blonde Balayage

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This is the hairstyle to wear when your hair is long and you want to maintain a natural look. Tie your hair half up and half down so that you highlight your Balayage perfectly. The unique style and the attractive color will make your balayage hair the only thing visible among the crowd!

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  • Wavy Light Blonde Balayage

Make different shades of blonde on your hair. Make light color shades on the outside and darker hues on the inside. Make layers such that the shade on the inside is highlighted perfectly.

  • Hollywood Curls Balayage

These curls are only made on the bottom part of the hair or in other words, the edges. Set the hair to hold the styled hair into position. Spray and style your hair the way that you like.

  • Icy Blue Blonde Balayage

If you have long hair with natural roots then this is the perfect Balayage to have. The ice blue color helps to maintain a natural and cool look. Younger women look better in this icy blue hairstyle.

  • Silver Highlights Blonde Balayage

Dye your hair using a silver color if you love a hairstyle that stands out. You can choose whether to have your hair straight or wavy as they both look good.

  • Clips and Balayage Styling

Instead of leaving your hair to hang loosely, you can add a little decoration by using a clip to hold it on the side. If you love being creative with your hair you can use various bows and clips to hold your hair into position.

  • Caramel Brown Balayage

A Balayage hair does not necessarily need to be blonde as opposed to the beliefs of many people. Make caramel highlights on your hair to get a flirt and fashionable appearance that will be sure to stand out from the crowd.

  • Brown Wavy Balayage

This long hairstyle is characterized by a brown hue. You can style using neat curtain bangs or make the layers messy.

  • Curly Balayage Hair

If your hair is not naturally wavy, make waves beginning from the roots all the way to the hair edges.  Make curtain bangs and let the waves flow freely on the sides of the head.

  • Warm Caramel Balayage

This is made using a dark or warm caramel color. Frame your face such that it blends well with the caramel highlighting your facial features.

  • Loose Wavy Balayage

The waves are made in such a way that they are not perfect. They are brushed over to give them a loose appearance and you can rock them using any color of your choice.

  • Dark and Light Brown Balayage

The hair is colored using different color tones. The hair on the inside is colored using a dark brown shade while the hair on the top is colored using a lighter brown shade. The hair can be waved so that the bangs highlight how the two color shades have blended perfectly.

  • Chocolate Colored Balayage

A dark chocolate color will look fashionable when blended with a light chocolate color on the edges. Ensure that the hair looks healthy and as natural as possible.


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