Crew Cut Hairdos for Men

The crew cut is a classic men’s hairdo that is slowly evolving. There is a rapid birth of many ways to style this haircut, hence its popularity. You could think that it is a new hairstyle, but maybe you have also rocked it at some point in your life. The hairstyle can be worn by both office and casual men, meaning it is versatile. It makes the man look more masculine, and historically, the hairdo originated in the military. 

Most barbers know how to create a crewcut hairdo, but you should be picky with your stylist. Remember that a haircut can build or crush your confidence, and if wrongly cut, it takes a while to grow back to a better size. A better way to ensure you get what you want is to show the barber a picture of what you want so that they can copy it. If you consider a crew cut style on your next barber visit, here are some styles to try.

  • Classic Crew Cut

The classic crew cut is a common style among most men. It features longer hair at the top and shorter back and sides. The stylist also gradually tapers the sides towards the ears. Your barber will use a comb and clippers to ensure they get the right hair length. 

  • Long Crew Cut

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You can leave the hair on top longer than the normal size for numbers 3 and 4. If the hair stands straight, that’s a long crew cut. You can also ask your barber for a taper at the sides and on the back of your head. If your hair needs some help to remain standing throughout the day, use gel or wax. 

  • Short Crew Cut

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The short crew cut is a typical style for men. Your hair looks neat and clean when short and is easy to style. You can pair the short hair with a buzz cut on top of your head and tapered shades. The contrast in length breaks the monotony of one hairstyle. You can wash your hair every day, apply hair jelly and go. 

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  • Textured Crew Cut

If you just textured your hair and are eager to try the crew cut styles, do not worry because you too can achieve this style. The barber cuts the hair uniformly on the head, and you can choose to make yours a little messy. Note that messy hair is still professional, although you might have a limit to the offices you can go to.

  • Curly Crew Cut

Men with naturally curly hair look incredibly handsome and more masculine with crew cuts. The curls add volume to the hair, and it is something gents with straight hair dream of. The unique look after your barber styles the crew cut on your particular hair type will leave you perplexed. 

  • Crew Cut With A Low Fade

Asking your stylist for a crew cut with a low fade is a sure way to make your haircut look more fashionable. If you have not tried fades before, start with the low fade. It rarely goes wrong on any head or face shape. The stylist cuts a small portion of your hair above the ears to streamline your crew cut. 

  • Crew Cut With Taper Fade

The taper fade resembles a lower fade, with the only difference being how fast the fade happens. When doing the lower fade, the stylist shaves the hair above the ears all at once, without variations. For the taper fade, the hair slowly becomes shorter towards the ears. 

  • Crew Cut With High Fade

If you are more daring and want something new with your hair, try the high fade. Pairing the crew cut with a high fade enhances your looks. The fade starts high up the side and back of the head. However, if you want this style to come out perfectly, get an experienced stylist to do it. You can also shape your facial hairs like beards and sideburns to make your cheekbone and jawline visible.

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