Best Video Monitoring Services For Your Business

Video monitoring can add a robust security layer to businesses and also peace of mind. It ensures the safety of your organization, clients, and employees. 

Hence, the employment of video monitoring services in facilities is increasing with time. The global video monitoring market is expected to reach USD 33.6 million by 2026.

A video monitoring system can safeguard not only your business facility and people but also improve productivity. Moreover, you can observe your business premises and its employees from any location in the world through surveillance monitoring.

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List of excellent video monitoring services

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Live monitoring

Live monitoring, also known as remote video monitoring, can give accurate information and is a fantastic way of keeping an eye on your business. It has a series of cameras that security professionals watch over. It might also include two-way speakers, lights, sensors, and other tools. 

Audio monitoring

Audio monitoring can enhance and clarify the results of video monitoring and help you make effective and accurate data-driven decisions. In addition, it also helps identify and resist false alarms.

24*7 monitoring

Life is uncertain, and no one knows what and when something will happen. However, a video monitoring service that works around the clock can be extremely beneficial. You can watch live recordings or later at any time. 

CCTV monitoring

CCTV monitoring can save your business from serious crimes. It can deter vandalism, offer camera footage as proof, help you claim insurance, and give you peace of mind. 

Video monitoring

This type of surveillance monitoring can show data to anyone at any given moment and location. The data from this type of surveillance system is shared wirelessly across devices. 

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Real-time monitoring

You can keep a vigilant eye on your business through real-time monitoring. Often it is backed up by Artificial intelligence, making video monitoring more efficient. As a result, it has become an integral part of various large organizations.

What to consider before selecting a video monitoring system?

  • The size of the business and the area to monitor are the important factors to consider
  • Type of camera. For example, pan-tilt-zoom, bullet, thermal, etc.
  • Consider location (indoors or outdoors)
  • Motion detection ability. 
  • Some high-end systems will also have analytics capabilities to differentiate between humans, vehicles, fights, and others
  • Night and low-light vision capability if you need to monitor your premises after dusk
  • Storage capacity (investing in a larger storage capacity is beneficial)
  • Wired or wireless technology. Businesses generally go for wired systems because they are reliable and fast
  • Ease of installation
  • It is critical to know the pricing structure as it is highly varied. Additionally, it is also essential to decide on a budget and cross-analyze both


Video surveillance services have become a fundamental and integral part of large organizations like schools, hospitals, government buildings, and private firms as well. 

There are various types of video services available, but the right system selection depends on business goals, priorities, and other factors mentioned above. In addition, it is also equally critical to choose the right service provider like Castr Live Streaming Platform by analyzing their business thoroughly. 

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