Large dog bowl support personalized, wine box holder bowl, personalized, wood dog, food feeder storage

Wooden custom dog bowls holder type grand cru wine box personalized with the name of your dog, the model has shown is for very large dogs, height 35cm. No more hiding your pet’s dining area, this food bowl holder is elegant and functional and it will easily find its place in your interior.

Feeder for pets, this dog bowl holder allows your dog to digest food properly, without the risk of gas or indigestion. Dogs are more comfortable with food at their chest height rather than on the floor.

The price corresponds to a varnished and personalized model of the grand cru type case with the drawing of the castle and the name of your dog instead of that of the wine and with the inscription of the year of birth on the 2 long sides, you can request also another custom pattern. I can also create a Jack Daniel type marking or other brands, and request customization.

Each box is handmade in poplar veneer, waterproof varnish to be resistant to use, and does not fear splashing water. Clean with a damp sponge, do not use abrasives.

Each crate is a unique, aged varnish for a vintage wine crate look.

Contains in a drawer a box to store the dog’s food of 20l sealed in plastic and a compartment to store treats or toiletries.

Dimensions of this model: 52cm X 33cm X 35 high. Available in three heights for all dog breeds. Comes with two 1.8l stainless steel bowls.

I can create a custom model in size or pattern depending on your dog’s breed.

Can be varnished or painted as desired.

If you want additional information, call me on 07 86 10 69 74

Please indicate your TELEPHONE when ordering to facilitate contact.

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Take care of your pet

A pet is a very important member of the family and deserves the best care and all the love in the world to grow up healthy and happy. Our personalized bowls are designed by and for them, they are perfect for your dog or your cat.

Our dog bowls are made of ceramic, taking care of even the smallest detail. What also differentiates them from all the ones you can find on the market is that they are personalized, you can customize them with any of the designs that we offer, create your own or even upload an image or photo of your pet and personalize a bowl with his photo. Owl, isn’t it? With our editor, you will realize your ideas quickly and easily. In addition, the weight of the bowl, be it ceramic, makes it difficult for your pet to knock it over or tip it over, which will avoid food waste and dirt. Don’t forget to write their name on the feeder, this will give it a super original touch,

Make your kitty happy with our cute raised stainless steel cat bowl

Our stainless steel bowl has a 15-degree inclination which allows your kitty to be raised when he eats, thus reducing the pressure on his cervical vertebrae and preventing your feline from regurgitating.
Designed in stainless steel, it preserves the taste of food and the temperature of the water for your four-legged animal while preventing bacteria from developing.
Your tomcat will therefore be able to enjoy his meal in the best conditions!
In addition, it is a nice accessory for cats that will go very well with any interior style.

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