How to calculate and analyse mutual fund NAV?

  The mutual fund’s Net Asset Value (NAV), which shows the asset worth of the fund per unit, is an important statistic for shareholders. Wise investment selections require calculating and interpreting the NAV. Here, we will dissect the mutual fund NAV calculation procedure and provide analytical insights in this post. Comprehending NAV in Mutual Funds Also … Read more

Beginners Strategies for Options Trading

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Reasons Why ELSS Funds Are the Perfect Investment Option?

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Navigating Cryptocurrency Trading: Understanding and Mitigating Risks

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Top 10 Worlds Cheapest currency 

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3 Suggestions to Help You Get Started with Bitcoin

When cryptocurrencies came into prominence for the first time in 2009, bitcoin was the only option. Several years later in 2023, we don’t just have several more crypto coins, but we also have other crypto assets that are not even strictlycryptocurrencies by definition. The only constant in this everchanging and complicated market of crypto is … Read more

10 Essential Tips for Saving Money on Your Vehicle Insurance Premiums

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How to Choose the Best Mutual Funds for SIP Investment

In India, mutual funds are a popular investment option due to their convenience and diversification benefits. Moreover, one can quickly start an investment with just a small amount of money and benefit from professional management of their investments. To invest in it, I personally used the Bajaj Finserv app, one of the top mutual fund … Read more

How To Avoid Demurrage Fees in 2023

You’ve likely heard of demurrage fees if you’re involved in international trade. These fees are assessed when cargo is not picked up or delivered within a specified time frame. In 2023, demurrage fees are expected to be higher than ever before, making it critical for importers and exporters to understand how to avoid them. This … Read more

What influences Gold prices: A guide for investors

Gold is traditionally recognised as a very important monetary asset around the world. In India, it is seen as a status and wealth symbol. Individuals have deep emotional attachments to gold since it has long served as a status symbol for important events like weddings and adds a touch of religion. One of the most … Read more