Different kinds of cyber attacks

Cyberattacks refer to performing malicious activities by individuals or organizations for breaching another individual or an organization. Commonly, the attacker looks to be taking some sort of benefit by breaching someone else’s security system. To prevent any loss of sensitive data, organizations are looking for cybersecurity experts who have completed a comprehensive cybersecurity training and have hands-on experience in various cybersecurity techniques. In this article, we’ll talk about different kinds of cyber attacks that are faced commonly by individuals and organizations.


Malwares are different types of harmful softwares like viruses and ransomware. Once malware enters your computer system, it can lead to a great disaster starting from taking control of your system to monitoring all your activities and sending all confidential information from your system to the attackers system. Attackers make use of a wide variety of techniques to make malware enter your system, which however at times requires the user to perform an action like clicking a link for downloading a file or opening a file that otherwise looks harmless.

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When attackers want to compel you to install malware or leak sensitive data, they often resort to phishing. The act of Phishing relies greatly on the curiosity and impulsive nature of the user and is therefore quite difficult to prevent. During phishing, the attacker may send you an email that may seem to have been sent from some reliable source prompting you to open a link or click on an attachment, causing you to install malware in your system. And in case if you click on the link, you will be directed to a reliable looking website that may ask you to enter your credentials, allowing the attackers to gain access to your sensitive information.

SQL Injection Attack

SQL or structured query language is primarily a programming language used for communicating with softwares. Many servers that store sensitive information, use SQL for managing their data in their databases. During SQL Injection Attack, these kinds of servers are attacked specifically using malicious code.

Cross-Site Scripting

Cross-site scripting is quite similar to SQL injection attack as it involves incorporating malicious code into a website, however, in this case, the attack is not done on the website and instead, the malicious code incorporated by the attacker runs only in the browser of the user the moment they visit the website and follows the user thereafter. Cross-site scripting is highly dangerous and may expose user’s sensitive information.

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Denial-of Service

During the Denial-of-Service attack, attackers overload the server of a website by flooding it with enormous amounts of traffic from different IP addresses, leading to its breakdown. This type of attack is conducted via multiple computer systems all together and are often difficult to overcome. 

Session Hijacking

While using the internet, there happens a continuous exchange of information between the remote web server. During these sessions, a unique session ID is created, which is supposed to stay confidential between the server and your computer. However, the cyberattackers try to steal the session ID and use it to retrieve sensitive information.

The list of different kinds of cyber attacks is endless.In this article, we have focussed on the most common and important ones. We hope that the article will prove to be insy=truental in giving you a brief idea about the cyber attacks and how they take place.

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