How to Measure Customer Satisfaction in the Workplace

90% of American shoppers will only buy from a company if they are guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Satisfied customers are the backbone of continuous business growth. When your customers are satisfied, you’ll get more sales and increase your revenue. However, you need first to know if your customers are satisfied or not.

Measuring customer satisfaction is the best way to know how your business can improve satisfaction. Read more below about effective ways to measure customer satisfaction.

What Is Customer Satisfaction?

There are critical factors that show how a customer views the level of your services or products. For example, if more customers believe that your services are better, then your level of customer satisfaction is high. Similarly, if most of your customers believe that your services are of poor quality, you need to do something.

There are many ways to know your customers’ satisfaction ratings. The most common is using customer surveys. The results of the study can be analyzed to get a score. You can have several scores based on customer service, quality of products, and transaction efficiency.

You can also create verbal indicators such as satisfied, neutral, or unsatisfied. Alternatively, the customer can choose between one and five-star ratings.

How to Measure Customer Satisfaction

It may be difficult for marketers to come up with the right customer satisfaction measurement program. However, there are some common strategies that most companies use when taking a survey. Here are the strategies.

  1. Set Research Goals

Before you embark on your mission, you must create objectives. The objectives are the things that you hope to achieve at the end of the project. Since you’ll collect a lot of data, you have to know how to analyze it.

Having clear goals reduces time wastage and increases focus on getting the correct information.

  1. Make a Plan

Once you’ve created the objectives, you need to follow them up with the right plan. The plan is essentially a list of tasks that you’ll undertake. For instance, you could create custom forms on your website or make phone calls.

  1. Design Effective Surveys

It’d help if you determined your survey’s roadmap. The roadmap will list the timelines and projected response rates. Creating a simple survey is necessary because it’ll reduce monotony and encourage more responses.

A simple customer survey is ideal because nobody wants to spend a lot of time answering questions. In addition, the survey should be visually attractive. As a result, you can use colors and images to make it more authentic and credible.

  1. Get Measurement Software

You can use measurement software to get insights from your surveys. For instance, you may have sent the surveys to the customers via email or SMS. Once you receive the data, you can use online measurement software to analyze the information.

Using such a system ensures that you can be analyzing your information as soon as you receive it. It also reduces the overall cost of collecting and analyzing customer service.

  1. Review the Information

If you don’t trust the measurement software to provide accurate insights, you may have to do it yourself. The important thing is to know if there’s a positive or negative response to your products and customer service. As a result, you have to start by stratifying the data.

You can divide the data based on age, location, gender, and income. Dividing the data based on specific characteristics will help to create targeted solutions. For instance, men may be satisfied with your customer service, but women may not.

  1. Do It Regularly

Once you identify problems with your customer satisfaction strategies, you’ll need to come up with solutions. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to know if the solutions are effective or not. As a result, you must conduct surveys regularly to determine the effectiveness of your solutions.

Types of Questions

You can use a number of approaches when determining customer satisfaction levels. Each of these methods will help you to understand how your customers view your products or services.

Here are the main questions that you can use to measure customer satisfaction.

Multiple Choice

You can create a limited number of multiple questions, and the respondents will give one answer. Since there are a limited number of replies, it’ll be easy to calculate and analyze the responses. This is better than an open-ended question where respondents can give any answer.

Nominal Binary Questions

You can ask nominal binary scale for rating scale questions. A rating scale question provides one question and several multiple-choice responses. The responses are numerical and range from 1 to 5 or 1 to 10.

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Binary Scale

Binary scale questions provide the option of offering one or two answers. In most cases, the possible answers are “yes” or “no” and “like” or “dislike.” The idea is to limit ambiguity and provide more precise responses.

Nominal Questions

In nominal questions, there will be several categories of responses. You’ll be providing a series of answers, but they won’t overlap.

Moreover, these answers don’t have numerical values. You can use the net promoter score to test your answers’ effectiveness.

Likert Scale Question

The Likert scale uses a system that can have 5 or 7 points to determine a customer’s satisfaction. If a customer chooses the middle numbers, it means they have a moderate view. Choosing numbers on either side means that they have an extreme view.

For instance, choosing number one means that the customer strongly disagrees with your services. At the same time, using number 5 means that the customer strongly agrees with your service. On the other hand, if the customer chooses number three, they don’t agree or disagree with your services.

Measure Customer Satisfaction to Improve Business Operations

Getting feedback from your customers is an important part of improving your products and services. If people are not satisfied with your products, your business will go out of operation soon. As a result, you must regularly measure customer satisfaction to get helpful information.

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