Here’s how you can accept online and offline payments for your business 

Let your customers pay online through a reliable payment gateway solution provider. Payment links can be an easy substitute for cash-on-delivery and point-of-sale payment methods in your business. For an offline business or an online business with an app or a website, integrate payment links with chatbots for users to enjoy a seamless buying experience on your platform. You can share the payment link over social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. and give your customers a quick checkout option. 

While Razorpay’s payment links are easy to use, they are a very versatile and powerful tool. Integrating the Razorpay standard checkout in your website will allow you to start accepting online payments from your customers. Razorpay payment gateway supports a variety of payment methods, such as the net banking, credit and debit cards, wallets and UPIs. If your website is built on the top of an e-commerce platform, such as WordPress or Shopify, Razorpay also provides e-commerce plugins to ensure that the purchase process is easy for customers. You also have an option to  add a Razorpay payment button to your website so that your customers can make purchases on your website easily. 

So when a customer visits your website or app, they can select items they want to purchase, and just click the “pay” button to place an order.

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Razorpay Payment links directly integrate into your business ecosystem plan giving the best experience for your business model. Razorpay’s free browser extension helps you create and share payment links via email, Whatsapp, social media messengers and other online channels with ease. 

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Create and share payment links for hundreds of your customers in one go by uploading a .csv or .xlsx file with customer and payment details. Save time and effort in issuing payment links with reduced manual errors. Send SMS and email reminders to late-paying clients without lifting a finger and create and track payment Links on the Razorpay Mobile App easily. Create unlimited links for free from anywhere, anytime.

Supercharge your business with an all in one powerful Payment Gateway dashboard. Razorpay has 100+ Payment Methods has an  Industry Leading Success Rate, offers a Superior Checkout Experience, is Easy to Integrate offers Instant Settlements from day 1 

and In-depth Reporting and Insights.

Collect recurring payments from customers with Razorpay Subscriptions APIs. Share unique links to onboard your customers on your Subscription plans instantly! Accept recurring payments from customers in India and abroad via Razorpay Subscriptions. 100 currencies supported! 

All payment methods which support recurring payments are compliant with RBI regulations. Create your custom plans with different billing cycles and prices for your business. 

Run customer offers via the Razorpay dashboard. Businesses have seen a 35% increase in sales thanks to Razorpay Offers. Give your customers flat discounts or percentage discounts depending on your promotional scheme. Run No Cost EMI offers for your customers across any bank. 

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Attract customers and improve your sales by providing discounts or cashback on your website or apps. Using Razorpay Offers, you can have complete control of the discounts offered to your customers. You can restrict the payment methods on which the Offers are applied and limit their usage to a defined period. Create subscriptions for your customers to receive recurring payments. Share a subscription link with your customers to receive recurring payments. Using Razorpay Subscriptions, you can automatically charge customers based on a billing cycle that you control. It allows you to easily create and manage subscriptions and get instant alerts on payment activity as well as the status of subscriptions. Razorpay automatically handles the invoicing for all subscriptions, thus, providing you with an end-to-end solution. 

Subscriptions do not require any intervention from the customer. It is an automated payment collection system that requires a one-time approval from the customer via an authentication transaction. The following points explain how a subscription works: 

The customer’s approval is sought before recurring payments are collected. This approval process works just like any normal payment with the 3D Secure authentication step. This is what we refer to as an authentication transaction. Once the authentication transaction is successfully completed, the card is automatically charged at the start of every billing cycle. 

For every recurring payment, Razorpay automatically generates an invoice that includes customer and subscription details along with your branding. This makes Subscriptions an end-to-end solution. Razorpay Subscriptions also lets you accept payment in any of our supported international currencies. 

Create unlimited links for free from anywhere, anytime. Power your finances, grow your business. Accept payments from customers. Automate payouts to vendors & employees. 

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