In 2022, what will be the best Facebook ad trends?

You should be aware of the top Facebook ad trends to utilize them to promote your business as Facebook competition increases. Check out Facebook’s trending topics. Facebook is practically a part of our lives. To provide clients with the most effective ads, we must stay up-to-date.

Knowing the cost of Facebook Ads is crucial for running ads on the platform. You can see ad trends on each platform. Your ad strategy is informed in either case.

  1. Prioritize Short-Form Video

Facebook is prioritizing short-form videos after the success of TikTok and Reels on Instagram. It applies to organic and paid ads. People engage better with video. Using video in your paid ads has other benefits:

  • Video ads are viewed five times longer than static image ads.
  • Seventy-one percent of consumers find Facebook videos relevant.
  • Only $1.86 is the CPC for Facebook video ads.
  • The potential reach of Facebook video ads is 2.1 billion.
  • Social media’s current darling is TikTok.
  • Every other network has adopted some form of TikTok to compete with it.
  • YouTube has Shorts, while Instagram has Reels.
  1. Create Native Ads

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Our next Facebook ad trend is ads that don’t take users out of their feed. It’s important to make ads feel natural. You can still sell to them, but the content should look and feel like the organic content they consume on their favorite sites.

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TikTok is a good example. TikTok recommends that businesses advertise on the platform with “TikToks, not ads.” There will be a continuation of this trend on other platforms. To create native ads:

  • Like the pages and content, your ideal customer will like.
  • Get to know the aesthetics and writing style.
  • Consider how your brand fits into this aesthetic.
  • The process shouldn’t feel forced. Templates (like from Canva) are okay if you customize them.
  • Don’t just look at Facebook.
  • News outlets, blogs, and other websites allow sponsored articles.
  1. Use Emojis in Copy & Design
  • Drake’s album cover probably changed your mind about the emoji.
  • You can find real-time stats for emoji use on this website. Be careful not to stare.
  • Different businesses and audiences use different emojis.
  • Consider that before writing a novel using only emojis.
  • Test your copy A/B, using emojis and no emojis. Be informed.

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Use of Emojis

However, some best practices need to follow when using emojis. We’re a rule-breaking crowd, but you have to know the rules to break them.

Emojis are overused.

Emojis all over your text? Probably. It’s fun to guess the movie title but should you?

Probably not. Some audiences may find the overuse of emojis spammy, while others may view it as perfectly usual.

Research and test this for your audience.

Emojis are inappropriate.

Yes, some emojis are more appropriate for some businesses than others.

That’s all we’ll say about certain emojis.

To be safe, it’s a good idea to double-check how your emoji is being used today.

Brand yourself with emojis.

When creating your business’s branding colors, fonts, aesthetics, and mood boards, you probably thought of these things.

  1. Reels & Stories

Our next Facebook ad trend is short video ads. With Stories and Reels, Facebook is jumping on the short video bandwagon.

  • Facebook and Instagram Ad Manager allow you to run ads to Stories.
  • Facebook recently announced FB Reels ads are coming soon, but currently, you can only advertise to Instagram Reels.
  • Using Stories and Reels in your organic content and paid ads on Facebook and Instagram is vital.
  • You can join TikTok and see if you can find a new audience on a new platform with similar content if these ads work for you.
  1. Augmented Reality Ads

Customers can experience your business or product through Augmented Reality. You may have used AR to place furniture or try on glasses.

  • Overlays tell people how to interact with your ad when they tap it.
  • Use a CTA to drive traffic to your website. It will be possible for users to record themselves interacting with your ad and share it in their feed and stories.

AR Ads

AR Spark creates the AR effects on Facebook. Your partner should know AR Spark and be able to use the platform. If you’re curious about augmented reality, you should check out the tutorials on the platform.

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