Pillow Talks: Your Preferences on Choosing the Best Mattress

Is your mattress not in its best condition as it used to be? Well, planning on changing your old mattress to a new one can be tiresome. The idea of going to a physical store, deciding between springs or foam, finding the appropriate mattress size, and budgeting how much to spend makes you want to lie down and take a nap. 

Instead of going through all the hassle, you can skip the stress by following this guide to choosing the best bed for your home. The most common types of mattresses are innerspring, foam, and latex. Each mattress type has different material which serves other purposes. However, aside from mattress types, more things to consider, like sleeping style and firmness. 

The key to knowing the “right” mattress type for you is knowing your preferences, likes, and dislikes.  Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly bed, the most comforting, or even both, we’ve got it all covered for you. Here’s what you need to look for based on your needs:

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If you like a bouncy bed

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Innerspring mattresses are the most available beds as they have been around since the 1900s. Since it consists of coils as a support system, these bed types offer that familiar bouncy feel. Also, innerspring beds are the budget-friendly type. With these above-average features and a pocket-friendly price, innerspring may probably be one of the best mattresses sold in the market.

If you prefer a much firmer base

Memory foam beds are great options if you prefer a firmer base since they do not contain coil springs, unlike innerspring mattresses. With regards to its performance, memory foam beds offer pressure relief by responding to the natural curve of your body. But don’t worry about sinking too deep because the base of the mattress is firm enough to support the top layers.

If you prefer to change things a bit

Although air-filled mattresses are not that common, they are great alternatives for high-priced beds and deliver excellent performance. For example, you can customize the firmness of your bed depending on your preference. Moreover, you can move your airbed to any part of your house. The only downside is the hassle of setting it up can be exhausting. 

Just like air-filled mattresses, waterbeds are not much of a thing compared to a traditional bed. Sleeping on it can feel slightly weird, but they provide great comfort and pressure relief, just like a conventional mattress, as the water inside the bed conforms to your body weight. The biggest disadvantage of waterbeds is it releases strange odors over time due to the moist environment. 

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If you prefer to go green

Some mattresses made of polyurethane and synthetics contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene. These chemicals are released in mattresses through chemical off-gassing, which can cause health issues like cancers and infertility. If you are concerned about harmful chemicals in your bed, then latex mattresses are the option for you.

Latex beds are commonly made out of natural or organic rubber. They are supportive, provide extreme comfort and durability, and are eco-friendly. Moreover, latex beds are inherently antimicrobial, repelling microorganisms and dust mites. The only con of a latex mattress is its high price. 

If you prefer to be cooled

Sometimes, we get disturbed by our slumber, especially when we feel hot because we sleep more comfortably when it’s cold. Choosing the right mattress type can solve that issue. Hence, innerspring beds are the best option. The gap of the coils from the foam promotes better air circulation, leaving you to sleep at a cooler temperature.

If you prefer peace

Some beds like an innerspring can be a bit noisy even with just the slightest movement, and this can disturb light sleepers from their sleep. The perfect mattress for light sleepers is memory foam mattresses. Apart from the exceptional comfort and pressure relief it offers, the softness of the foam muffles the noise of your partner moving around at night. 

It is also an excellent mattress option for couples who tend to get intimate and want to keep the noise down so they would not disturb other people from their sleep. 

If you can’t decide on what matters most

Don’t fret if you can’t find a mattress that solves both your sleeping position and body ache issues because hybrid mattresses are also sold in the market. It combines the bouncy feel of an innerspring with the comfortability of memory foam. It’s a 2-in1 option that can satisfy partner disputes and sleeping styles.


There are many mattress types to choose from, and it can be unclear to select the perfect one for you. As all mattress types are created the best they can, it cannot solve all consumers’ issues. However, using this guide can be helpful for you in finding the perfect mattress for you. 

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