Top 3 Tips to Convert Shoppers with Window Decals

Window graphics or decals are one type of promotional and decorative tool that is designed to adhere to glass surfaces such as windows. They can face both inward and outward and can be transparent enough so that natural light can enter your store. The window graphics are available in various materials, colors, and sizes. The lifespan of the window stickers is dependent on the material and the designing process. Not only do window stickers play multiple roles, but they also serve noticeable purposes in different types of restaurants, buildings, and offices. 

If you want to use window decals at the business retail stores. Frosted window stickers will help you provide a certain level of privacy to the customers. However, unlike other types of frosted glass, window decals serve one additional purpose. Custom window decals are one of the most effective marketing tools that will make your storefront attractive and convert potential customers. Here are the top 3 ways to use window stickers to promote your brand to the passers-by on the street. 

Capture Attention of Curious Shoppers

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If your business store is in a high foot traffic location, or drivers can easily see your store while driving down the street, then you have an impressive marketing opportunity. One of the best ways to market your business is by raising the curiosity of the people. Custom window decals are excellent at attracting the attention of audiences. 

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Your primary goal is to generate enough curiosity amongst customers so that they can enter your store. Therefore, you need to provide them with some basic information to hype their curiosity. One of the best ways you can do this is by using attractive window decals. 

Another great way to enhance the curiosity of the customers is by using window decals with a question. This way people will start thinking about the answer and approach your store.  

Feature New Offerings

Another fascinating way to convert your potential customers is by showcasing the new offerings of your business in your promotional window decals. New offerings will create a buzz amongst customers who have never heard about your business. Additionally, this will also help you to generate a good impression for repeating customers. Once they step inside your store, they will go through other products and services and make a purchase. 

While marketing new products, use a high-quality image of the product as well as a couple of texts to generate excitement and curiosity. Apart from one single product, you can also market the entire product line with window decals. 

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Raise Brand Awareness

A more effective and subtle marketing technique is to showcase your branding. Make sure you focus on your brand so that you can easily convert both the new and existing customers. Brand recognition is one of the best ways to attract customers to your store. This way you can maintain the loyalty of the customers. The more you focus on your branding, the better. 

The branding of your company should be visible in your window decals so that you can develop robust brand recognition. Despite the size of your business, developing brand recognition with custom window decals is a vital part of your marketing campaign. As per Opportunity marketing, marketing campaigns are essential for the growth of the business


These are how you can convert potential shoppers with window decals. As window stickers are a powerful marketing tool, don’t make mistakes while designing them. If you want eye-catching promotional window decals for your business, make sure you contact us.  

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