What Mistakes To Avoid While Creating Online Courses?

Are you all set with your plans of creating an online course? Or are you thinking of diving into the deep sea of the e-learning business? Then this article is for you. Before you start the process of creating online courses, you need to know a few things. There are some mistakes that most course creators make, you can avoid them if you keep the points discussed in this article in your mind. 

With tools like platforms to create and sell online courses,  the task of online creation becomes manageable, but there are so many other tasks like brainstorming, researching, topic selection and format selection etc. that need to be done by the course creators themselves. And amidst all these things, they make mistakes unintentionally. Below we are going to discuss them and ways to avoid those mistakes.

Not Doing Topic Validation Research: The teachers or course creators who think of creating an online course have immense knowledge that they want to impart by creating online courses. However, they need to know whether the topic they have chosen for the course has an audience or not. And if there is an audience who wants to learn about that topic, what’s their percentage?  Doing the topic validation is crucial for the success of any online course because without the right audience your course wouldn’t get any views, no views mean no conversion and sales. So research the demand of your topic and niche.

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Not Knowing What Audience Wants: Knowing what your audience wants from your course will make it successful. Before creating a course on any topic do research on the in-demand things within that topic. For example, you chose to create a course on cooking; now, you have to search for what’s currently in demand in the cooking niche. Like nowadays, vegan food and vegan recipes are more in-demand, if you have knowledge about this topic you can create a whole course on Vegan Recipes for Beginners. This way you will be giving your right audience, the right content.

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Creating Lengthy Lectures: One of the significant reasons why online courses are so much in-demand is the flexibility of time they provide to the learners. Unlike the physical lectures of 30-45 minutes, the online courses teach students in 5-15 minutes. The length of your course content affects how the learners interact with your course. If your lecture videos are too long they will get fewer views, students will watch them in fast forward or may even skip seconds. That’s why do create bite-sized and consumable content which students can watch in less time. The length of lecture videos also affects the learning and retention power of the learners, as they don’t have to pressurize their cognition to learn the bite-sized content. 

Not Including Engaging Elements: Your short bite-sized course content will only work when students will take interest in learning them. So try to make your content interesting for your learners, you can do so by adding Gamification, quizzes, puzzles, interactive forums and debates or by giving engaging assignments like case studies and reasoning questions. These types of learning material spark the learners’ interest by challenging them and provoking them to learn to solve their queries. You can add all these features using the LMS you will be using to host your course. 

Leaving The Supplementary Resources: If you want to have an edge over your competitors, you need to add something unique and different to your course, providing supplementary resources can be that element. Supplementary resources are those learning materials which students don’t need but they may need; it means these are the resources which are for those who might want to know more about this topic. Adding reference links, ebooks, archives, newsletters etc. can help create demand for your course.

Selection Of the Wrong Platform: You decided to sell a course on any popular platform, but wait, what if that platform doesn’t provide you with the features and services you need? That’s why before selecting any online course selling website,  do thorough research on its features, plan prices, and technical and customer support services provided to you and learners. 

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