What to Consider Before Choosing a Financial Advisor? 

AAA Platform by IIFL Securities comes with rich and favorable features for the people who look for world-class financial solutions like financial security, wealth creation, short-term gains, goal planning, protection, and so on. You can perform a value-added business with limited capital through the AAA Platform. For this, all you need is to have a network of contacts and the zeal for working really hard coupled with the ability to communicate financial solutions, rather than holding high-quality degrees. 

Although AAA Platform by IIFL Securities offers an opportunity of becoming a financial advisor in India, here are some very interesting features that you need to consider before choosing a Financial Advisor as a career. 

Working Flexibility 

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One of the best options with the AAA Platform by IIFL Securities is the flexibility of tapping your network of clients. You can work with comfortability at your home. Actually, you can work from anywhere at any time. You can advise clients, access research, and access MIS reports within a few clicks on your smartphone. 

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Risk Management System 

There is the availability of the Risk Management System (RMS) to manage the risk of market volatility. The AAA Platform will use its efficient and high-end RMS backend to look after risk management. So that you can be worry-free about providing your clients with effective services and solutions with all your best effort.

Lifetime Revenue Sharing 

Once you join AAA Platform by IIFL Securities, you will become a partner for life. There is no need to worry about anything about your future regarding finance. The APP Platform is a special kind of social security that will enable you to create a long-term source of wealth and financial security for your family. 

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Multi-product Offering 

The IIFL Securities provide diverse offers with the full range under a single platform. It helps people with different financial needs and requirements, be it investing, trading, financial planning, insurance, gold bond investing, loans for your home, or a new car. 

State of the Art Learning Platform 

The AAA Platform by IIFL Securities offers you an opportunity to gain knowledge about the stock market and various associated things. You can watch videos to get insightful advice through the high-powered state-of-the-art learning platform. After watching all this, you will get through the process of dealing as a financial advisor. 

Live Training Session 

IIFL Securities keep updating financial advisors about implications of Union Budget, monetary policy, statutory announcements, IPO markets, and so on by offering many live training sessions. With live training sessions, you will get to learn new and latest topics with the constantly changing market conditions.

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Keep Track of Clients 

You can keep a track of all your clients without being anxious. You will get everything on your tab, so there is no need to keep on calling the back office to know which clients are making money and which clients are losing money. You can get analytical access to numerous clients at the click of a button. 

The Bottom Line 

AAA Platform by IIFL Securities is full of content-rich and features-rich. It is designed with the state of the art technology as a one-stop solution for people with different financial goals, yet who want to advance their career as financial advisors.

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