Which ITIL Certification Should I Do in Chennai?

ITIL certifications are taking over the world like Tsunami. Regardless of its size, every company wishes to hire ITIL-certified professionals to benefit their organizations. Like other cities in India, Chennai is witnessing a surging industry demand for ITIL-certified experts. Interestingly, the firms are ready to pay desirable salaries to secure optimum leadership.

Although these certifications have become a staple demand for the companies in Chennai, experts predict an even brighter future. So, it’s the optimum time to get certified and become employable in Chennai. With such a certification in hand, you can apply for numerous ITIL jobs and get absorbed in almost no time.

So, are you convinced of becoming an ITIL-certified professional in Chennai? Cheers if it’s a yes! Now, you might have another fuming question in your mind regarding choosing an appropriate certification in Chennai. Don’t worry; we will assist you in pinpointing the best ITIL certification in Chennai and the relevant best-fit ITIL course for you in the city.

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What is an ITIL Certification After All?

By now, we have already mentioned about ITIl certification quite a few times. But, you might have difficulty understanding its meaning if you are new to the industry. 

So, let’s brush up on the fundamental knowledge of ITIL certification before going anywhere. 


ITIL certifications are a straightforward way of testing the knowledge of ITIL frameworks and their implementation in an experienced IT worker. It has become a standard benchmark for companies seeking ITIL professionals having optimum skill sets.

As ITIL frameworks gain traction in the industry, more companies will adopt ITIL frameworks and require experienced professionals to manage the ITIL model leverages in their workplaces.

These certifications have five levels: ITIL foundation, practitioner, intermediate, expert, and master.

After getting introduced to the terminology, it’s time to move further.

Let’s get a glimpse of the prerequisites to get ITIL certification right below!

ITIL Certification in Chennai: The Requirement

ITIL certifications have wildfire-like popularity in Chennai. Many candidates wish to take the exam and get certified to enjoy lucrative benefits in their professional endeavors. However, only a few pass the eligibility requirements to appear for the certification exam.

So, you need to understand the prerequisites of various levels to earning an ITIL certification in Chennai. Let’s take a look!

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  1. ITIL Foundation

ITIL foundation is the basic-level exam. 

It verifies your fundamental understanding of the ITIL frameworks and demands industry experience. It does not have specific prerequisites.

  1. ITIL Practitioner

Although it is not industrially important, you can prepare for the ITIL Practitioner exam to develop a higher-order understanding of the ITIL frameworks. It would help if you had a stronghold of the advanced ITIL concepts to get the certification and become eligible for practitioner-level roles in reputed companies.

  1. ITIL Intermediate

As you move up to the intermediate-level certifications, you are required to clear the foundation exam to become eligible. Also, you should have some industry experience regarding witnessing the ITIL concepts in action.

  1. ITIL Expert

The ITIL expert exam is for a higher-level certification. It requires you to have extensive industry experience. Besides, it expects you to have cleared all intermediate-level exams to become eligible for the certification assessment. Above all, you need to specialize in ITIL frameworks and their real-life implementation in the IT environment.

  1. ITIL Master

The top-level certification exam is that of the ITIL master. It requires you to pass the expert-level examination to gain some credits and enough industry experience to become a specialized professional in the domain. You need to be aligned with the theoretical and practical implications of ITIL and score high in the interview rounds to crack the prestigious certification exam in Chennai.

Hopefully, you are now well-acquainted with the prerequisites of the ITIL certifications. You are all set to choose a certificate in Chennai if you are eligible according to the above criteria.

Moving on, let’s analyze the ways of shortlisting the best ITIL certification in Chennai.

How to Choose the Best ITIL Certification in Chennai?

You are convinced of becoming ITIL-certified but wondering how to choose the best certification in Chennai. Don’t worry; here are the sure-shot ways to do so. Ask the following questions to yourself to get the correct answer.

  1. Do You Meet the Eligibility Criteria?

The foremost question in the list is, do you meet the eligibility criteria for a particular certification exam? You can go with the foundational certification if you are a beginner in the ITIL domain. Similarly, consider your years of industry experience, ITIL knowledge, and previously gathered credit points to gauge your fitness for a given ITIL certification.

  1. Do You Have the Right Skills?

Now, it’s time to gauge your ITIL skills. To pass the certification exams, you need to build a robust profile of top skills like ITIL knowledge, BRM, management, problem-solving, analytical mindset, etc. Finally, you can go with a certification that matches your skill sets.

  1. Can You Handle a Relevant Job?

If you analyze an ITIL job, you might get intimidated by its description, qualifications, and requirements. So, you need to check if your understanding matches with such information or not.

Also, it would help if you analyzed the post-onboarding job responsibilities. You are all set to go with a certification if you can easily manage your assigned roles after getting hired as an ITIL-certified professional in a reputed company.

Hopefully, you will be able to make the correct decision now. Although all ITIL certifications have optimum importance in the industry, you can go with the one that matches your profile. Undoubtedly, it would be the best ITIL certification for you in Chennai.

ITIL certifications are witnessing skyrocketing demands in the industry. So, it’s the ripest moment to pick the best certification for yourself in Chennai, register with an entire ITIL certification course, prepare well for the exam (and interview, in the case of the master-level certificate), pass it, and get yourself the best certification in town. Good luck with your future endeavors!

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