Why Do Some Cat Parents Raise Their Feline Fur Babies Outdoors?

Some New Zealanders choose to have their cats outside rather than inside their homes. Felines that are raised outdoors can lead enriching lives, potentially even more so than inside cats. Still, people have observed over the years that outdoor cats have a comparatively shorter life span because of the additional risks they confront from an unguarded lifestyle. Caring for your pet kitty includes providing her with a safe haven and your companionship, along with the basic food, water and healthcare necessities.

If you have taken the responsibility of a fur baby, then you must provide her with a way to access top quality medical care too. It can be made possible with cheap cat insurance. Cat insurance NZ helps your fluffy pal avail the best medical care in times of accidents, sickness, health emergencies, and much more. Cats that live outdoors are no less worthy of well being than the ones that live indoors. So, as long as she takes refuge within your property boundary, make sure you support her needs.

Why do some cat parents allow their kitties to stay outside the home?

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To quench her thirst for hunting!

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Domesticated cats are provided with all they need by their human parents. They don’t have to hunt to survive, unlike their ancestors who lived in the wild. However, since these instincts are ingrained, they may chase and catch a bird or rat when they rest outside. Belling your cat is one way to save the endangered birds and other important wildlife (Psst! Your kitty may learn to walk stealthily, not making even a little sound to accomplish her goal). Some pet parents favour their kitty’s hunting indulgences, for example if they have a problem with wild rabbits eating their flowers or rats making their way into the home.

To mate!

Some cat parents believe a kitty must reproduce to live a contented life. But that is not at all true, and a female kitty is actually less likely to have health problems if she doesn’t mate (the same goes for male cats). Growing your furry friend’s family can be wonderful, if you can commit to caring for all the litter, but look for secure feline mating options rather than leaving your kitty outside to fend for herself.

To enrich her life!

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Indoor cats are often bored or become lethargic because of inadequate mental and physical stimulation. While there might be several scratching posts, interactive play toys, cat-friendly furniture, and other things to keep her happy and healthy, she may pine for outdoor adventures. The outside area provides her more scope to move around, explore, and hide holes. She will also have ample time to watch other creatures on the block, local passers-by, and neighbourhood pets.

To save produce from rodents!

Many farmers rely on their kitties to control rodents and other pesky critters spoiling their crops. Cats are their fine weapons to limit crop loss and save yield. Having these low maintenance kitties on board helps save much money.

Wherever your cat lives, be it outdoors or indoors, as a cat parent you need to attend to her health needs regularly, so she stays cheerful and lives a long life. Have cheap cat insurance in the least, so you are not tossing up between finances and her health during her downtimes. Cat insurance in NZ protects your kitty’s wellbeing along with the money in your wallet.

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