5 Signs That Your Vehicle Needs a Coolant Service

In cars or any vehicle, the cooling system of an engine eliminates heat that is produced by the engine all through the combustion process. If in an engine, there is no cooling system and the required coolant is not available then the engine will overheat very fast. This will result in the damage of several components of an engine due to heat. You can search for coolant in cars in boodmo.com and buy it easily. On the other hand, in this article, we are giving you details about coolant and a list of various signs that show your vehicle needs a coolant service.

# An overview of coolant and antifreeze :

Coolant: Coolant is a liquid substance that works for keeping the water in an engine at an ideal temperature. If in case, the water gets very hot or very cold then it may cause everlasting damage to the engine of your vehicle and the coolant is used for preventing this damage. Moreover, by a cooling system, the coolant is spread through the engine. It works by absorbing the heat from the engine as well as monitoring its temperature continuously for keeping it at safe levels. Hence, it ensures that the engine runs smoothly for a long time.

Antifreeze: Coolant is also known as antifreeze and consists of ethylene, propylene glycol, and water at the ratio of 50:50. This yields a coolant liquid adept to protect the vehicle from too much temperature. In addition to this, coolant is called antifreeze because it doesn’t freeze in very cold temperatures too. 

Many times, on cold winter mornings, frozen fluid may prevent a vehicle or car from starting. Thus, in this case, coolant prevents the engine from freezing up when left on cold days. Moreover, you can look for coolant in cars in Boodmo as here you will get the best quality coolant at market-leading prices.

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# What is coolant service?

After knowing about the coolant or antifreeze you may be thinking about what coolant service is. So, the coolant service is a process that mainly includes draining as well as refilling the cooling system of a car or any vehicle with fresh antifreeze.

  1.   During this service, the mechanic or car technician will check the radiator and cooling system of an engine carefully to ensure everything is functioning working properly or not.
  2.   After that, all the coolant or antifreeze will be removed from the radiator and it will be replaced with a new fluid.
  3.   Therefore, the main purpose of the coolant service is to get rid of contaminated or deteriorated fluid that might obstruct the performance of your engine.

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# Signs showing that a vehicle needs a coolant service :

Generally, most vehicles need a coolant service approximately after 100,000 miles. But some older vehicles or cars might need this service more frequently. Apart from this, 5 signs that show a vehicle needs a coolant service are given below :

  1.   Vehicle is overheating and high-temperature gauge –

If you notice that the vehicle’s engine is overheating as well as the temperature gauge is high then in that case your vehicle may need coolant service. In the dashboard, a light will illuminate for a warning about the coolant levels getting low. If you don’t go for coolant service then it may cause permanent damage to the engine.  

  1.   Antifreeze leaks and puddles under your vehicle –

Another sign showing that your vehicle needs coolant service is you observe puddles under your vehicle and antifreeze leaks. In this case, you might see an orange, green or blue color liquid leaking. If you see the liquid is leaking, then you must go to your dealer and ask them to fix the problem.

  1.   Unusual noise from the engine –

If you hear an unusual sound from the engine of your vehicle then there are many reasons behind it. But one reason may be that it needs coolant service and looking for coolant in cars in boodmo is a good idea as here you will get the reliable coolant. Besides, as a sign, you may hear a grinding type of noise coming from beneath the cover of your vehicle or car.

  1.   Boiling maple syrup smell –

As mentioned above, antifreeze consists of ethylene glycol and it is known for its sweet-smelling properties. So, when through coolant your car burns it can put off a smell that is similar to the boiling maple syrup. The smell comes from the engine and indicates that your engine needs a service urgently because it burns through the antifreeze.

  1.   Flecks or spots of rust –

In case you see flecks or spots of rust in the coolant liquid then it simply indicates that the vehicle needs a coolant service.  

# Final Words :

In an engine, there are lots of parts that need to take care of. So, coolant plays a major role in the proper functioning of an engine and you can easily buy coolant in cars in boodmo. Thus, hopefully after going through this post, you may understand well the signs showing that a vehicle needs a coolant service.

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