Advice on Finger Tattoos

Choosing the location of your first, second, or third tattoo can be challenging. Once you decide to tattoo your body and select the locations, you will come across many tattoo options. One of the trending tattoos is the finger tattoo. It is no secret that finger tattoos are painful, but the degree of pain also depends on different individuals.

So, what do you know about finger tattoos? The hands help us do most tasks, and they are more in contact with water than other body parts. Therefore, your hand tattoo will fade faster than a tattoo on your shoulders, back, or chest. Besides, fingers are hard to hide, so your tattoo will be publicly seen by almost everyone you meet. If you are unsure whether to tattoo your fingers or get another location for your pieces of art, here are some things you need to know first.

  • Fast Fading

Tattoos below the wrist are likely to fade faster than those above the wrist. Therefore, your finger tattoos might not last as long as those on the upper arm or above the wrist. It happens because this part of the body is in constant contact with water, and it also does a lot of chores. Rubbing surfaces will also erase the tattoo faster. 

  • Some Areas Last Longer

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Although tats below the wrist fade fast, some areas will last longer. For example, tattoos on the wrist and at the top of the hand are less exposed to friction than those on the inside. Also, the artwork on the side of the wrist is likely to fade faster. When you get a ring tattoo, the top will remain intact, while the inside part of the ring could fade faster. 

  • The Hand Is Painful

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There is no lie about the difference in pain when tattooing the fingers and other body parts. The hand is more painful because there are less flesh and more bones. Furthermore, the palm and the fingers are more painful than the top of the hand, so prepare for the experience. However, the pain level depends on your ability to tolerate it. 

  • Different Feelings About Finger Tattoos

Most people don’t like the final result of their finger tattoos. However, it doesn’t mean that you certainly will be happy. It also depends on who does the tattoo and how professional and experienced they are. Ensure you also choose an appealing piece of art because almost everybody will see it.

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  • Different Healing

Finger tattoos heal differently for various people. Some will heal faster, while others take longer to heal. Also, some people will maintain the original darkness of their finger tattoo for some years, while for others, it fades during the healing stages. 

  • Finger Tattoos Are Harder To Remove

If you are unsure about the tattoo you are about to ink on your fingers, wait until you are sure. Tattoos on the fingers are harder to remove, and they take time. They also do not react with laser removal, which works with your body’s immune system. 

  • Be Prepared Of The Results

Once you decide to get finger tattoos, be realistic and open to the outcomes. You are more likely to lose the bottom part of the tattoo and remain with the top part because of the fade. You can revisit your artist to add ink that will eventually fade after a specific time. So, bear in your mind that the first one may not be the perfect one.

  • Avoid Ring Tattoos

Most people want to show the permanency of their loyalty and love to their loved ones by getting matching ring tattoos, but they are not a good idea. The bottom part of the ring will fade, and if you are left with the top alone, it stops being a ring. You can choose another match tattoo idea to show your love and loyalty. 

  • Get A Good Artist

Getting a tattoo idea to paint on your body is one step but getting a good artist is more crucial. They will determine the final result of your tattoo and how well it will heal. 

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