Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposit Banks and other Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) provide their customers with various investment options. Fixed Deposits, or FDs, are one such investment option.  A Fixed Deposit is a type of investment in which you can deposit your funds for a fixed period. Fixed Deposits are a popular choice among investors for both medium … Read more

Types of Currency Derivatives

If you are new to Currency Derivatives, you may be clueless about all the fuss. They may seem a complex investment. Let us break down the basics of it and explore the different types.  Meaning Currency Derivatives are financial contracts that derive their value from underlying assets denominated in foreign currencies. The most common type … Read more

How to Find the Most Suitable Life Insurance Plan?

Life insurance is a legal contract between policyholders and the insurance company. In exchange for single or regular premiums, payment or cover is guaranteed to the beneficiary when the insured dies. This is known as a death benefit. The amount may also be offered after a specific term if completed. This lets you fulfil long-term … Read more

7 Altcoins you should consider adding to your portfolio

Just until recent years, cryptocurrency was all about bitcoin. Many people who were not well aware of how cryptocurrencies worked would use the words interchangeably. However, the bitcoin rage is now being paralleled with the new and coming altcoins in the market. Ethereum and its associates, all known as altcoins, are creating a surge in … Read more

The best ways to transfer money internationally when buying a house

To send money online, international money transfer, Ria Money Transfer is an option to consider. Anyone who has purchased a house in a different country, or conducts business overseas, understands the importance of having a secure and reliable international money transfer service or app.  When it’s time to start moving forward with an international project, … Read more

What Are the Differences Between CFD and Share Trading?

There are many different types of trading platforms, including stock markets, forex markets, and commodity markets. Each of these marketplaces offers a variety of ways to trade a particular asset. One of the most popular options is trading on a share market. This type of trading platform allows investors to trade shares in a company. … Read more

How does Bitcoin have value?

The price of Bitcoin has fluctuated greatly since its inception. In 2017, alone, Bitcoin gained massively, starting the year at under $1,000 and hitting $19,000 at its peak, according to industry website CoinDesk. Since then, we have seen a steep decline in 2018 and stability in 2019. The value of Bitcoin and why significant markets … Read more

Detailed Guide to Taking a personal loan for a wedding

During the 2nd wave of the covid-19 pandemic, it was observed in a study that demand for wedding loans was the highest among all categories at 33%. The study conducted by IndiaLends considered people aged between 20-35 years for this. A wedding, no doubt, is once in a lifetime thing and everybody wants it to … Read more